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Once Upon A Time 4×09 ‘Fall’: Sisters reunited


Was this the mid-season finale? No? Well it could have been. That ending was fantastic and such a cliff hanger. The rest of the episode was good as well, but mostly the ending. I did have a lot of questions, but I’m sure they will be answered. Maybe.

The whole main cast was in this episode and they all played pretty big parts. The only important character that had almost no screen time was Ingrid the Snow Queen. She isn’t a main character, but she was still there for a few minutes I’m sure next week’s episode will again feature everyone and have more Snow Queen.

I liked how the “flashbacks” were not actually flashbacks, but rather running on the same timeline. I didn’t pick up on the significance of the thirty year freeze until Emma and Elsa were on the beach. Which by the way, how did the mine lead out to the beach? Regardless of the geography confusion, I’m happy that the sisters have been reunited.

When the Spell of Shattered Sight finally arrived, without Leroy running through town announcing it, everyone was looking… Up? In what way is looking up at falling glass shards a good idea? I know everyone would have been affected anyway, but I would have at least tried to shield my eyes.

On a side note, I have a question about who the spell affects. I know it got all of the townspeople, with the exception of Emma and Elsa, but did it affect Anna and Kristoff? I assume it did, but they weren’t really shown after Emma handed Baby Neal to Elsa Speaking of the tiny prince, I am interested in knowing what the spell does to the baby. Does he try to gum everyone to death?

Emma and Hook’s relationship is going to get screwed up because of Rumpel. And that’s if Hook even lives through Rumpel’s evil plan. Honestly though, no one remains dead on this show except the villains (minus Regina). So we can probably expect Ingrid to get killed soon.

On a new note, I noticed that Mr. Sidney Glass has been absent for many episodes. When the episode titles started getting revealed, I figured he would be important to this season. I was definitely wrong. He’s alive and out there, but apparently not important.

Speaking of my failed theories, Henry working at the Pawn Shop was really not that big of a deal. Although I think Rumpel wanting to take Henry with him and Belle is because he thinks Henry is finally warming up to him. However, Operation Mongoose has definitely been pushed to the side for now.

“Love is an Open Door” receives an award! For the first time, the show directly acknowledged one of the films’ musical numbers being performed, with the small exception of the Dwarfs’ whistle and work song. Hans’ brothers were judging him so harshly for singing. It was really funny. Leave it to Anna to make us laugh about Hans. (If I’m wrong about it being the first song referenced, feel free to comment the correction.)

Something really confusing was that the nuns were all gathered at Granny’s. I figured it was because they needed some kitchen utensils or something to make the potion. However, Jane Espenson tweeted that the scene was originally supposed to happen in the convent, so I assume that the scheduling and location just didn’t work out.

Something I disliked about this episode was that the camera was extremely shaky in some scenes. It was almost The Hunger Games shaky, which is saying a lot. It wasn’t really at a point where a shaky camera would seem helpful either, so I don’t really know what was going on. Another problem that I had was that when Emma and Elsa got to the beach, there were clearly townspeople walking around. Either they were accepting their fates from the spell or Mayor Mary Margaret forgot to warn people (or the filming crew just didn’t know or care).

I think I’ve talked about the hints for 4B before, but if I haven’t, I’ll explain really quick. One of the writers said that (nearly) every episode has a hint towards the second half of the season. Well, here’s a big one: the tunnels under the library. In fact, “the dragon” that Emma fought was specifically mentioned. Just in case you want to avoid an actual spoiler about who is going to show up when the show returns in the spring, I’ll stop talking about the hints.

In not so spoiler news, but still relevant to the future of the show, Lily has still not appeared again. Remember her? The girl from Emma’s past with the birthmark on her wrist? Well, obviously the writers wouldn’t have created the birthmark if Lily wasn’t going to show up again. It’s how Emma is going to recognize her. I know that somehow Lily is connected with someone on the show and will show up in town soon, hopefully.

Well that’s all for today. Hope you liked this review that I wrote on the ride home from school. Tune in next week for the second to last episode of the year “Shattered Sight” which I know for a fact is a reference to the aftermath of the spell. Evil Queen vs. “Evil” Mary Margaret, featuring the most evil person of them all: Henry the Marble Guy.

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