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Once Upon A Time 4×08 ‘Smash the Mirror’: Chocolate for Anna


Hooray for two-hour episodes! I loved every second of it, which is weird because some people hated it. I honestly thought it was the best episode of the season, maybe even the best since the beginning of Season Three.

Right at the beginning of the episode, when Regina and Robin Hood were just waking up, my first thought was “Where is Roland?” Seriously, who was watching after him while the Merry Man had an affair? Following this, everyone is getting back from looking for Emma. They’ve been out all night, and Baby Neal is nowhere to be seen. So then I freaked out again. Although it was later explained that Belle was watching Baby Charming.

I was grateful that Henry was the one who found Emma, mostly because they hadn’t had a scene together for at least three episodes. (Correct me if I’m wrong though, because I might just be spacing, or maybe they had a deleted scene together.)

Then, I was cracking up at Elsa getting all of the chocolate ready for Anna. If you haven’t seen Frozen, in one of the songs, Anna says “I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face.” Another time I laughed was when Killian said he was going to use his “talking phone” to call Emma and David corrected him “It’s just called a phone.” I don’t know why, but it was just really amusing for some reason. Although then things got serious.

I think this episode had the least main character absences so far, except for maybe the premiere? Belle was the only one missing, and they even had Kristoff in many of the scenes, so I think that makes up for it a little.

But speaking of Belle, everyone is getting mad about Rumbelle, mostly because Rumpel is turning super evil again (and because Belle missed the two hour special). But did he ever really turn away from evil? He has only been legitimately nice to those he loves like Baelfire and Belle.  He has always had his motives and his deals. Speaking of deals, I think Emma should have known Rumpel was lying. He didn’t ask for anything in return for getting rid of her powers. Isn’t Emma supposed to be able to tell when someone is lying? When the Snow Queen’s projection was talking to Emma, I was really confused about why Emma couldn’t tell that Ingrid was telling the truth, although I kind of just shrugged it off and said that it was the fact that Ingrid wasn’t really there and Emma was stressed.


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Anna said that she grew up running around the castle, which I thought was funny, but also sad because she also mentions being lonely. Anna saying scary twice also made me think of Frozen although I can’t remember the exact quote. I just vaguely remember someone saying “you said that already” to Anna. Am I crazy or did that really happen?

There are two things I am really worried about for the upcoming episodes. First, Hook doesn’t have his heart because The Dark One stole it. He won’t actually die though… will he? My second worry is Ingrid. Just the fact that she thinks she can kill Rumpel is scary enough. But then she said she’s going to furnish her lair with his bones (or something of that sort)? That is terrifying. I don’t remember any of the villains ever being that sure of themselves and murderous. Ingrid is literally insane. I know for sure, though, that Rumpel won’t get killed off. He’s been a part of the show for two long and when he “died” last season, everyone freaked out. If he legitimately got killed off this season, I am pretty sure ratings would drop so low that it would get canceled.

I just saw a deleted scene and I don’t know why it was deleted. Elsa and Snow are talking about Emma going to get rid of her powers. Elsa says that if she was with Emma, she doesn’t know whether she would stop Emma or join her. Keeping that scene in would have made the ending so much more intense because we as viewers would not have known what Elsa was going to do.

Also, still really angry about the lack of Olaf. Why include everyone from Frozen and add extra Arendelle characters, but not have everyone’s favorite talking snowman? Okay, second favorite because Frosty the Snowman is a big part of American life. I hope the only reason that Olaf has not even made a cameo is because they can’t get Josh Gad to voice him.

In two weeks, be sure to watch “Fall” to see what happens with the Shattered Sight spell. It appears that Snow is in jail and Rumpel has admitted defeat (uh-oh). The episode features the return of Black Beard and possibly Mother Superior (we definitely see her clothing in the preview, although not her face; this could also be from another episode because I can’t find her credited anywhere). Make sure to also check out Resurrection right after Once and on Monday, December 1, check out my reviews for both shows.

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