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Once Upon A Time 4×07 ‘The Snow Queen’: It’s a trap


Have you ever learned something knew about yourself and been afraid of what might happen with this newly found ability? Well, Emma, Elsa, and Ingrid sure have. In an episode filled with anger and terror, we found ourselves reunited with a few old friends as well as an interesting new character, and we get a HUGE back story. It was awesome.

OK, let me just start off by saying that I was so happy to see Brighton Sharbino playing Young Ingrid. I have missed her since her departure from AMC’s The Walking Dead (RIP Lizzie). She did a great job, and I really could see the similarities in appearance between her and Elizabeth Mitchell, so good job to the casting department. The other two princesses did a great job as well, which is a huge compliment from me because I am not a huge fan of child actors.

Speaking of two princesses, we saw the return of Aurora and Ashley (aka Cinderella). I had seen that they were going to be starring in the episode and I was so excited. I really think the characters have greater potential, especially back stories (the not-so-missing year, duh!), although the writers apparently have not had the same thoughts. Anyways, it was nice to see them working with the babies and really helped the transition to Emma babysitting and showed the fear that the mothers experienced when Emma boiled the formula.

Just a little side note since we talked about Aurora (who I am just finding out is not THE Sleeping Beauty on this wonderful show): we have not seen Mulan since the beginning of Season Three and I really miss her. Maybe instead of adding a ton of NEW characters, they can expand on some already existing ones. SPOILER AT THE END THAT CONNECTS WITH THIS

Outlaw Queen Kiss

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Everyone’s favorite love triangle just got more complicated. Robin Hood’s feelings for Regina have not gone away, and it seems that Regina doesn’t care. I am so happy that Regina isn’t taking the Evil Queen route again because she has worked so hard to become good and she is doing so well. I mean, yea, she kissed a married man. But she is still trying to help him unfreeze his wife. All I know is that I would not want to be in that relationship.

Emma and Ingrid have a lot in common. They both fear (or feared) their powers and caused a lot of problems for their family. Ingrid accidentally killing one sister and being trapped by the other was surely more tragic than Emma dropping a light pole on her dad’s shoulder, but it was still a struggle to get used to the power.

Speaking of Emma, I noticed that she hasn’t had many scenes with her son, who is still being a little scary with the whole change of heart into a spy thing. Wow that made no sense, but bear with me because I am almost done. I don’t like that Regina is the only mom that Henry is really spending time with because, although she isn’t the Evil Queen anymore, she still isn’t the best influence while she deals with trying to get a happy ending.

Finally, the Duke of Weasel Town appeared. Yes, I know I spelled it wrong. But it’s the fun way of saying it. Anyways, I knew right away who it was without even hearing where he was from. I was unsure how it would all work out, but after Anna and Elsa’s mom went to Grand Pabbie, it was clear on how it would work continuity wise.

OK, another quick thing. Anna was absent this week and we have gotten almost every character from the film Frozen except for one of the most popular who happens to be a snowman. But that’s just a small complaint.

Tune in next week for a special two-hour episode: “Smash the Mirror” which will probably see the return of Sidney and will surely be twice as dramatic as usual.


SPOILER ALERT:  With Maleficent returning for the second half of this season (maybe as the villain, or maybe another new female will be the bad guy), it is likely that we will get some more Aurora. But still, Mulan needs more screen time.

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