Once Upon A Time 4×06 ‘Family Business’: Everyone has secrets


This week on Once Upon A Time, we got answers and back story and lies and secrets. A lot of secrets. We also got to meet a very special character and saw a lot of cleavage. Anyway… Let’s begin the review.

This episode was definitely not the best this season, although it wasn’t the worst. I really liked the fact that the majority of the content revolved around Belle. I feel like she is an under-appreciated character who needs more recognition. We really got to connect with her in this episode. She felt the loss and hopelessness of losing her mother and not remembering what happened. She struggled to find the truth. She had to make a big decision on what was most important to her. And finally, she decided to take help from one of the most untrustworthy, evil characters. These are things we can all connect to. Well, maybe we haven’t decided to go in search of a Dark One, but the rest of it is easy to connect with.

After finally meeting Belle’s mom, I am really hoping we get to see more of her. In the few minutes she was given, we got to understand exactly what she stood for and what she valued most. I’m sure the writers could give her an interesting back story if they really wanted to, and I hope they do. I mean, no one is ever really dead on this show. Still, RIP Colette.

I think someone has nearly beat Regina with Most Cleavage Shown. The award would have to go to: Sarah Fisher! Wait. No. I mean “The Dairy Queen”… er, Ingrid. No… THE SNOW QUEEN!!! (Does she get a reward for most names, too? I don’t remember anyone else with that many names. Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy has three so…) Anyways, we got to finally find out what her motive was. It’s a bit far-fetched, but I guess using Emma and Elsa as replacements for her lost sisters is good enough. What really confused me, though, was Emma and Helga looking so much alike. I don’t want them to be related!!!

The absent characters of the week were: wait. Only Michael Socha was missing from the main cast? Is that a record for this season? Because I think it is. Joining him in his absent-ness was Maid Marian, but she’s only listed as recurring. However, just because the rest of the main cast was present doesn’t mean that they were all featured a lot. Henry, Mary Margaret, and David were all seen in just one scene. Which totally goes against what my theory was last week (that Gold and Henry would be working at the pawn shop because it’s a “family business”).

I’m happy that the writers can make fun of themselves. “Spend a little more time in this town, love, you realize just about everyone’s related.” No kidding, Hook. After so many complaints that everyone (specifically the villains) is related to Henry in some way or another, the writers have finally caught on to the fans not liking it. Although if Emma is related to Helga, then that means she’s related to Ingrid, which means Henry is also related. Hmm… Maybe the writers just wanted to be ironic. I also think they made a joke towards Disney. Ingrid told Anna that she looks so much like her mother. If I’m not mistaken, there was definitely controversy over “Disney didn’t make separate female characters, they just made the mom and then made slight changes to make Anna and Elsa.” Was that a thing? I think it was.

I didn’t really catch any Frozen references this week except for Oaken and his sauna. Speaking of which, whoever they cast as Oaken was fantastic and I loved every bit of that two minute scene. I think we need more Oaken in the show.

On that note, thank you for reading this week’s review. Comment your thoughts and tune in next week for “The Snow Queen.” Gee. I wonder who the central character of that episode could be… (hint: her nickname is a popular ice cream restaurant)

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