Once Upon A Time 4×04 ‘The Apprentice’: Mind games


After a one week break due to a busy schedule consisting of many homecoming activities, I am back to write more reviews.

This week went different than I thought it would, but it was also pretty similar to what I imagined. The Frozen storyline took a backseat to a plot that is sure to affect future episodes. Out of the four episodes so far this season, I think this one confused me the most.

With the title “The Apprentice,” it was obvious to me what the episode would be about. Given that the hat had been in two episodes (it made a brief appearance in Season One), I knew that the sorcerer and his apprentice would soon appear. However, only the apprentice seemed to appear this week. This leads me to believe that the sorcerer has a much larger role in the future episodes. Who knows? Maybe he’ll have something to do with the book.

Although the search for Anna continued this week, this plot line was more of a companion plot to Emma and Hook’s relationship. We only really see Elsa when Emma is getting ready to go on her date and when Emma has just interrogated the Knave about his break-in at the library and the page that he had ripped out of the Alice In Wonderland book.

There was so much going on in this weeks episode that I am still not entirely sure what happened. Rumpelstiltskin and Hook made multiple deals and I still don’t know who has the advantage in the situation. The Snow Queen is obviously a huge threat in this half of the season, but we didn’t really see her other then a quick chase scene of sorts. Also just a quick thing that I’d like to point out is that we didn’t really see Rumpelstiltskin finish his deal with Anna because we didn’t see him turn the apprentice back into a human from those form. I know that we saw the apprentice in Storybrooke, but he wouldn’t be the first to change from animal to human due to a curse. Although maybe we’re both the skin already had the dark curse in mind so he planned it out in advance.

The character that developed the most this week would probably be Anna. We saw her as we knew her from the film, but then she faced temptation due to Rumpel and we now know that she does have a dark side. Unfortunately, Elsa and her Storybrooke allies are still not sure how to find Anna.

I was disappointed in the lack of Henry and Regina in this episode. They did make a few appearances, but overall they were the central characters of the episode. However, I was impressed by Jared Gilmore’s acting, as it has gotten much better. This was most clearly evident when Henry got the job at the pawnshop. Sneaky little Henry.

Overall, this episode was not my favorite. It definitely helps to move the plot along, so I will give it some credit. I just hope that next weeks episode returns to the Frozen storyline.

Tune in next week to see the most likely Regina-centric episode “Breaking Glass” featuring a new character named Lily who may be a reference to a more recent Disney film. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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