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Once Upon a Time 4×03 ‘Rocky Road’ : I scream for ice cream

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This is a bit late BUT, oh, how the plot thickens! I really enjoyed how the writers are unfolding the story. Yes, there are still bumps and its a little rough around the edges, but I love the new aspects this episode has provided. Rumpel is still toeing the line of good and evil. How does he know the Snow Queen? What does she want exactly? What does he want? What deal does he want to make with her? She obviously knows better than to deal with Rumpel which means they have history and she’s as cunning as she is powerful.

She is also very popular! During this episode we learned that she’s the aunt of Anna and Elsa, someone connected to Emma (maybe all bleach blondes are related?), and she knew Rumpelstiltskin. As luck would have it, only Rumpel seems to remember her. What are the chances? Very high considering there hasn’t been a show with this much amnesia since Smallville.

Regardless, this Dairy Queen element has been a great addition to the Frozen and Once Upon a Time story. I would have loved to seen more of a twist on Queen Elsa going back to her roots in Hans Christian Andersen’s book, but what are you ganna do when Disney is guarding their character like a warm house in a snowstorm? Nevertheless, it is fun to see Frozen come to life.

Source : ABC

Source : Disney and ABC

Live action, that is. We see more of Kristoff and Sven. The banter between Elsa and Kristoff is really cute. Plus, the writing for Kristoff offers some comic relief. The best part was seeing Hans and his brothers. I always wondered how that relationship played out at home. Is Hans just greedy? Are his brothers the same way? I’m so glad they included the brothers as his little henchmen. I hope we see more, even if he is a statue of ice.

A major bonus is that the flashbacks (Elsa’s story) are actually after the events in Frozen. The writers realized that their audience has already seen the movie, memorized the words of the songs, and owns little Queen Elsa and Princess Anna dolls in their bedroom. Oh, just me? Well, anyway, the writers know their audience so they have added more into the story than just a retelling. This is why season 4 is becoming one of the best seasons. It’s new and fresh instead of a redone.

Now to some of the problems of Once and it’s storytelling. Hook was able to make a deal with Rumpel by saying he knew the dagger in Bell’s purse wasn’t real. However, according to the first episode of this season. It is the real dagger.

So why would Rumpel lead Hook to believing a lie? Is this bad writing? Did I forget something? Or did Rumpel do this one purpose for some gain later in the series? Either way, Hook and Rumpelstiltskin’s conversations are nothing short of amazing. The tension and anger they have toward each other is fun and exciting.

Other than that, we got some more Emma and Killian ending a frosty story with a steamy kiss.

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