New Girl 3×05 ‘The Box’: Nick inherits some problems


This week’s New Girl saw Nick inherit a bag full of cash and proceed to cause all sorts of problems in the loft because of it. Jess wants to help Nick be responsible, Winston wants to get paid back, and Schmidt just wants to be a better person. The loft learned in their own very unique way just how much money can change you. But through it all, somehow these four always stay the same.

The world's most trustworthy individual shows up at the front door. Source: ''

The world’s most trustworthy individual shows up at the front door.
Source: ‘’

The episode begins with a knock at the door. A strange looking man says he has a delivery for Nick Miller. Nick automatically assumes it’s a severed hand (because why not?), but Jess opens the bag to discover that its a hand… ful of cash. Apparently it’s from someone Nick’s dad knew. Either way, Nick is a brand new 8,000-aire, and is ready to spend it all on new shoes and glamour shots. Unfortunately for Nick, some of his friends have other plans for his money.

Winston, barely getting more screen time than Cece. Source: ''

Winston, barely getting more screen time than Cece.
Source: ‘’

Winston informs Jess that Nick owes him $1900, and he plans on scheming him out of it. I’m pretty sure Nick owes everyone he knows at least that much money, but apparently Winston is the only one who’s trying to collect. He schemes all episode to get it back, but other than that, doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time this week. Without Ferguson in the picture, it’s just not the same.

Jess also has plans for Nick’s money. She finds his ‘box’ of things from the past that he hides in his closet, and discovers that it’s mostly filled with unpaid tickets, fines, and bills. This of course stresses her out so much that she must find some way to fix it. Nick, however, refuses to listen, maintaining that whatever is in the box is out of sight, out of mind. Anyone who has ever seen Jess before (or any sitcom for that matter) knows that this won’t be the end of it. Sure enough, Jess takes the first moment she can steal away to grab the box and secretly pay some of Nick’s bills (‘Can I mail you cash? Okay, I’m going to anyway.’). When Nick finds out, he is enraged and they get into a huge fight. Nick will always be Nick, and he resents Jess for trying to change him. A few purses thrown out the window later, they manage to work it out though. Jess pays him back the money she used on bills and agrees to let him be himself. Nick compromises by taking the rest of his money and opening a bank account (and without paying the $8 processing fee).

Schmidt the hero. Source: ''

Schmidt the hero.
Source: ‘’

While all this is happening, Schmidt is on a quest to become a good person. When he asks enough people to realize that he has done some bad things, he knows that he must find some way to repent. He heroically gives a biker choking on his gum Heimlich’s maneuver, but then gets into a brawl and gets kicked out of the temple when he finds out that bad things even happen to good people. In the end he comes to learn that he has made some mistakes, but can still be a good person so long as he keeps trying to do good things.

There were some funny moments, but this was not my favorite episode of New Girl. As already mentioned, after several weeks of MVP Winston, he was sadly put back into his old bit role this week. Also, this was by far one of Nick and Jess’s most unrealistic arguments. Yes, Jess should not have butted into Nick’s affairs, but in the end of it all, he still got his bills paid, Jess lost a lot of presumably expensive purses, and Nick still used Jess’s check to open a bank account. I get that he was compromising with her and extending an olive branch, but in the end Jess was still out a whole lot of money. And in case you forgot, she doesn’t have a lot of that to go around, what with the teaching job and the being out of work for most of the last year. Either way, it was one of the first moments that I was a little turned off by their relationship woes. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal.

What about you? Did you like the episode? Are you looking forward to the return of Coach soon? Let me know in the comments.

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