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New Girl 3×10 ‘Thanksgiving III’: In the woods


The third installment of Thanksgiving episodes on New Girl sent the gang into the woods trying to recapture Nick’s manhood. Whether or not Nick found it is debatable, but it certainly led to some complications among the rest of our campers. Jess barely makes it out alive with both of her feet, and Schmidt and Coach barely make it out with their friendship.

Nick is chastised by the other guys after he and Jess make girly Turkey Day invitations, so he decides that the group is going to spend Thanksgiving camping out in the wild so that he can get back to his manly roots. Jess is opposed at first (and so is everyone else), but all she really wants is for everyone to be together, so she eventually caves. They get to the wilderness to discover that Nick has left all their food at home, and insists that they can catch all of their Thanksgiving meal out in the wild. Props to the group for not leaving right then, because that’s when I would’ve been out.

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Coach and Schmidt have a bit of a rivalry developing, as there is still some bitterness in the air after Coach’s date with Cece. Schmidt is determined to prove that he is the most survival-savvy, but up against Coach and his Eagle Scout abilities, he doesn’t stand much of a chance. Though Schmidt’s accomplishments include eating some animal dung and getting crushed under a rock, so almost anyone could have come out the victor in this game. After I blasted the Coach/Cece storyline last week, the writers did a good job of easing the tension between Coach and Schmidt this week. The friendly competition played right into Schmidt’s classic competitive streak, and served to bring them back together pretty well by the end of the episode without getting too serious.

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The Cece/Winston pairing also worked very well this week. With Nick and Jess off in their corner, and Schmidt and Coach off in theirs, it made perfect sense to let Cece and Winston have some fun together lamenting on their lack of food and cell phone bars. Honestly I’m not sure why these two don’t get more scenes together, because their personalities seem to highlight each other very well. Now that Jess is generally consumed by Nick, maybe Winston can become Cece’s new best friend?

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Unfortunately, as well as Cece/Winston and Schmidt/Coach worked, Nick/Jess kind of flopped this week. It wasn’t awful, I just didn’t enjoy Nick’s lunging at a dead fish or Jess’s eating of said fish as much as I thought I would. Plus, as much as Nick is prone to bad ideas and not thinking things through, I still find it hard to imagine that he would drag everyone out into the woods and expect to feed all of them without any knowledge whatsoever of how to do so. At least he had the foresight to divide everyone up into ‘hunters’ and ‘gatherers.’ As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve had enough of Nick and Jess relationship drama for a while. Even though this week wasn’t necessarily ‘relationship drama,’ it still felt like a large part of the episode was focused on them trying to prove something to the other. What made us all root for them to get together in the first place was all of their zany mishaps they would get into together. In the future: more of Nick and Jess falling/jumping into holes, less of Jess eating dead fish to prove that Nick is a man.

Overall, I would say this was my least favorite Thanksgiving installment. But still, not a bad episode. The ‘Thanksgiving’ headline just has a lot to live up to. Following in the tradition of Friends, this show already has some classic Thanksgivings to live up to, and they need to always be stepping up their game! What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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