New Girl 3×07 ‘Coach’: The return of Damon Wayans Jr.


Last night finally saw the much-lauded return of Coach! Though not in quite the capacity that was expected. Taye Diggs also made a guest appearance. Between the two of them, they definitely shook things up in the loft and made for an exciting episode of New Girl.

The crew is conversing at the beginning of the episode about how Coach has been texting them about his recent breakup, and is primed for a return since he is only around when he is single. Right on cue, Coach shows up in the loft unannounced, and is ready to party his cares away. See, Coach, or at the least the new version of Coach created now that he isn’t part of the main cast anymore, likes to stay out on the town all night and go on wild adventures. The guys are all excited, and even Jess is happy to get to know the roommate that almost was. To Jess’s surprise though, Coach doesn’t even remember who she is, even though they lived together for two weeks. Coach is ready to blow off some steam and gets everyone together to go to the strip club. Nick, however, is stuck between hanging out with his old pal, and making his new girlfriend angry. After an argument over how he and Jess haven’t had ‘the talk’ to make things official yet (really Nick? really?), Jess gets angry and demands that he go to the strip club and have his fun.

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So, the guys head off to the Velvet Rabbit, and as payback, Jess calls up Cece and decides to have a girl’s night out too. They end up at Nick’s bar, with Jess recounting about how a sexy coffee shop man, Artie, gave her his number. Jess plays it off, but Cece, still hating all men thanks to Schmidt, wants to get a little revenge on Nick and calls Artie (played by Taye Diggs), up. Jess is at first mortified, but the more drinks she gets, the more she flirts, and the more she wants to get revenge on Nick as well. Artie is clearly all about it, and jumps at the chance to head back to Jess’s place. Cece quickly realizes that her revenge plan is getting out of hand, but drunk Jess is ready to take Artie home. Artie ends up in the loft naked in Jess’s bed, just as Jess comes to her senses and tries to tell him he needs to leave. Perfect timing there Jess!

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Over at the Velvet Rabbit, Nick isn’t having any more luck than Jess. Coach is having a blast, lap-dancing his relationship woes away, but Nick wants to leave to reconcile with Jess. Schmidt and Winston aren’t too keen on staying either, but they don’t want to be the ones attempting to coerce Coach out. Nick finally suggests that they leave so they can just chill at home, but Coach proceeds to just throw more insults about him and his relationship. Winston tries to make the best of the situation by offering his $2000 in ‘Bunny Money’ for everyone to use, but finds out that it can’t be used for lap dances. Poor Winston! Oh well, at least he can provide some Main Stage Fish Tacos for everyone!

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Nick finally has enough and tells Coach that Jess is wonderful and he’s ready to go home. Rather than making Coach mad, this causes him to break down into tears over his breakup. The group gets in a cab (dressed in swag from the Velvet Rabbit gift shop) and heads to the police station for Coach to confront his ex’s new police officer boyfriend. The confrontation is short, however, when Coach simply tells him to take good care of her and the group runs away. Nick makes it home in time to see Artie in Jess’s bed naked, but believes her when she says that nothing happened, and knocks Artie out with a quick punch. Nick and Jess make up and everyone bonds over take out from the Velvet Rabbit.

Not going to lie… While I still loved this episode, I was a bit disappointed by the return of Coach. I’m sure this is probably due to my love of Damon Wayans Jr., and my still deep depression from Happy Endings getting cancelled. I think my expectations were just a little too high. But there were still plenty of laughs. And Schmidt still hasn’t moved back in, so there is still plenty of time for Coach to leave his mark on the group in weeks to come. I was assuming he would be moving in this week to take Schmidt’s place, and I’m guessing that will still happen in upcoming episodes. I’m also ready for an episode of this season to go without Nick and Jess having a couple’s fight. They’re cute, I still love them, but I need them to have some sort of conflict that doesn’t involve them almost breaking up. They’ve been dating long enough that they should be somewhat settled by now, right? Hopefully anyway.

What did you think of the episode? Were you excited to see Coach again? Let me know below!

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