New Girl 3×06 ‘Keaton’: A roommate moves out


This week the unthinkable happened on New Girl: a roommate moved out of the loft! It was a pretty busy Halloween-themed episode that ended in a shock change in address for our favorite Jewish apartment resident. Yes, it’s true, Schmidt moved out. But only to the vacant apartment across the hall. And probably only temporarily.

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As mentioned, it’s Halloween in the loft, and Jess is gearing up for her costume party. She’s worried, however, that Schmidt’s moping will ruin her party. She also faces the issue of not being able to invite Cece if Schmidt is in attendance. Schmidt is still not over his dual breakup with Cece and Elizabeth, and has descended into eating luncheon meats on the couch all day. No one knows what to do to help Schmidt until Winston casually brings up Nick’s secret weapon to fix all things Schmidt: Michael Keaton.

Nick then goes into a lengthy explanation of how when Schmidt was a child, he wrote a letter to Michael Keaton, so his mom decided to write him on back and pretend it was a response from the real Michael Keaton. Then, when bunking with Nick in college, Nick got wind of the legend, and took up the reins and began emailing Schmidt correspondence from his favorite celeb whenever he needed a pick-me-up or guidance. Flash forward to the present and Schmidt is still none the wiser that his Batman BFF is not actually real.

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Nick refuses to use the Keaton letter as a way to perk up Schmidt, but Jess once again goes behind Nick’s back (sensing a pattern here in these recent storylines?) and sends Schmidt the email that she thinks he desperately needs. Sure enough, it works like a charm, but soon the whole group must join in the email-writing campaign to keep the lie alive. Schmidt pops out of his funk, but quickly figures out who is actually behind the emails when he spots Jess, Nick, and Winston across the hall in their ‘Bat Cave.’ He decides to turn their plan around on them and shows up to the party dressed as a ‘public serpent.’

Before all is said and done, Jess ends up dressed in a kid’s Batman costume trying to convince Schmidt that she is Michael Keaton, when finally Schmidt tells them that he’s known it was them, and Nick is forced to apologize for lying to Schmidt all this time. Schmidt takes the news hard, but understands, and then informs the roommates that he will be moving out… to the apartment across the hall.

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This episode seemed like it was going to be a mostly filler episode at first, but it ended up having pretty big implications for the remainder of the fall. We now know why Coach will be making his much-lauded return to the loft beginning next week. Looks like he will be the stand-in for Schmidt’s vacant spot. It also seemed to be a reintroduction of Cece into the fold. She has been noticeably missing the last couple of episodes, but her revelation at the end of this week’s episode that seeing Schmidt helped give her closure seemed to open the door to her coming around more often in the future. Yes please! More of Cece! And more of Coach! I would love it if they could find a way to keep Coach in the cast recurring even after his guest arc is over.

What did you think of this episode? I thought that it was a pretty funny installment. And even though I had heard that a roommate would be moving out, I wasn’t expecting that twist to happen so soon. I think it will make the next few episodes entertaining.

Also, Cece trying to get Jess to pronounce Batmobile correctly was definitely one of my favorite moments in recent history. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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