New Girl 3×04 ‘The Captain’: Feelings, not talkings


This week’s New Girl saw Nick and Jess go through their first true relationship test as a couple, thanks to Schmidt. Schmidt was dealing with his own relationship trouble, trying to recover from his double break-up in his unique Schmidt way. And dear Winston was just trying to get his cat laid. Also, the world is introduced to a brand new sex act: The Captain.

The awkwardness fills the room. Source: ''

The awkwardness fills the room.
Source: ‘’

Last week, Schmidt swore that he would break up Nick and Jess, no matter what he had to do. It didn’t take long for him to start enacting his plan this week, immediately going for the weak link Nick. It only took a little reminding of this being one of Nick’s longest relationships, and that things were getting serious, before Nick was having ‘problems with impotence’ in the bedroom. It seemed a little surprising that this was all it took to send Nick off the deep end. The whole point of building up to this relationship last season was that the stakes were so high. Both Nick and Jess decided that they were in 100%, because that was the only way they were going to risk disrupting the delicate balance of the loft. So then why have Nick so quickly question the relationship over basically nothing? Classic Nick Miller I suppose. Either way, the jitters were (thankfully) only contained to this episode. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

The Captain did not agree with Nick. Source: ''

The Captain did not agree with Nick.
Source: ‘’

Before Nick came to his senses, Jess gets some ‘advice’ from Schmidt on something called ‘The Captain’ that will drive Nick wild in the bedroom. It’s apparently vile and depraved, but Jess, in her desperation to satisfy Nick, attempts to perform the act that night. It goes about as well as planned, with both parties significantly horrified afterwards. The good news is this caused Nick to finally open up about his feelings, and tell Jess how much he likes her, as well as some other random factoids about his life. The two reconcile and come out happier in the end.

This, however, forces Schmidt to have to come face to face with the reality he’s been avoiding by trying to sabotage his friends’ relationship. After blaming Nick and Jess for his epic double breakup, he finally must face the facts that what he did was wrong, and he must try to make it right with them. We see him leave a note for Cece, which she promptly throws in the trash. Please hurry and forgive him Cece! We need you back in the show!

Schmidt wrestles with his feelings, both figuratively and literally. Source: ''

Schmidt wrestles with his feelings, both figuratively and literally.
Source: ‘’

And lastly, that brings us to Winston. My dreams of a Winston-Ferguson spin-off show are becoming more and more of a reality each episode. Winston spends most of the episode trying to find a cat date for Ferguson so he can have one night of glory before he gets fixed. A noble cause, sure, but it quickly gets him into trouble. Winston meets a girl who has a girl cat and invites them over for a cat date. Unfortunately, the girl does not realize until far too late that Winston isn’t actually hitting on her, but really wants their cats to hook up. When she finally sees the truth, she leaves before Winston or Ferguson can get any action. Winston does at least get the last laugh, telling his roommates that they need to get their affairs in order, if he is running a cat brothel and is still the most sane one in the apartment.

Another solid episode of New Girl overall. It is relying a bit too heavily on cliched sitcom tropes for my taste, but the episodes are still funny, so that can be forgiven. It’s still a genuinely enjoyable show and that’s what a lot of ‘comedies’ these days seem to miss. I’ve found myself before watching an episode of Girls, and halfway through thinking ‘I really like this episode, but when is the last time I laughed?’ Now true, Girls is more of hybrid drama/comedy than most of its peers (heavy on the drama in season 2), but it’s still nice to see that a modern show in its third season knows how to keep its fan laughing.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you a fan? Let me know your take down below!


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