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New Girl 3×03 ‘Double Date’: The truth comes out

This week, the moment that we all saw coming, finally happened. After Schmidt confides in Nick, who confides in Jess, that he’s dating both Cece and Elizabeth, Schmidt is forced by the end of the episode to tell Cece the truth. Cece naturally did not take this news very well, thus ending our hopes of having another episode entitled ‘Double Date’ anytime soon. As sad as it was to see Cece and Schmidt break up (again), I’m very thankful that it happened now rather than later. I don’t think I could’ve handled many more episodes of the dating two women storyline.

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While the Schmidt and Cece story seems like nothing but a retread, otherwise it does seem like the characters are starting to branch out into new territories, which is exciting. Winston in particular just to seem more developed this season. Maybe I’m just crazy, but he just feels like a more integrated part of the cast now. Now granted, he was again the odd man out this episode, being forced to save seats at a restaurant for hours while waiting on the double daters, but I found myself still laughing at him more than usual. Though there was definitely too little screen time for Ferguson this week. I am ready for him to be bumped up to a series regular.

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Also, did anyone else want Jess and Nick’s exchange about all the things that could break them up to last all episode?

‘I have been banned from Lake Ontario for my lifetime, don’t ask.’
‘I’m definitely sexually attracted to ladybugs.’
‘I kind of want to get a gun.’
‘I think horses are from outer space.’

More of this please, New Girl writers!

The other disappointing news is tonight is probably Emmy award-winner Merritt Wever’s last episode on the show. At least for a while. The episode ended with her shoving a pie in Schmidt’s face when she too found out the news that he was double-dating, so I’m guessing she’s out of the picture. At least whenever Cece starts speaking to Schmidt again, there won’t be another girl standing in her way.

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Where do you think the season is going from here? Schmidt swore at the end of the episode to break Nick and Jess no matter what, but I highly doubt that he will actually succeed. Nick and Jess’s relationship is certainly going to be explored more, and we know that Coach is still coming back at some point, but where else creatively do you think the stories have to go? It’s still a fresh and funny sitcom, but around season 3 or 4 is usually when great comedies start to get in a slump. We know our characters now, and we expect certain things from them, so it becomes increasingly more difficult to make new plots without straying too far from what made the show lovable to begin with. I think the Nick/Jess dynamic could be very beneficial in this regard. It’s certainly kept things interesting in these first few episodes. What are your thoughts on this?

And what did you think of this episode in general? Give me some comments below to discuss your thoughts!


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  • Kendra Beltran

    I’ll continue to say this all season — This is Winston’s season to shine (or so I hope). Schmidt was the breakout in season 1, Nick owned 2…It’s time Mr. Bishop. It’ll either be him or that undeniable cat who gets an Emmy for this season. Okay, too much?

    • brock kimbrel

      I hope it’s Winston’s season to shine! He needs it! And no, I don’t think that was too much. I would 100% vote for Ferguson to get an Emmy.

      • Kendra Beltran

        Can we be Team Ferguson?