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New Girl 3×01 ‘All In’: A trip to Mexico


After what seemed like an eternally long summer hiatus, we finally got the season 3 premiere of New Girl last night! It wasn’t the most drop dead hilarious episode of the show, but it definitely had some great moments, and more importantly, it set the stage for what is to come with Nick and Jess for this season. The majority of the fans of the show (myself included) were most anxious to find out about this aspect of the show, and whether or not being in an official relationship would derail the chemistry they had over season 2. Thankfully, if the premiere is any indication, the worries were unfounded.

Nick Miller, boyfriend of the year. Soruce: ''

Nick Miller, boyfriend of the year.
Soruce: ‘’

The episode picked up right where last season’s finale left off, with Nick and Jess trying to figure out what happens next now that they are giving couple-dom a chance. This discussion led to them deciding that the loft was just too stressful of a place to figure such weighty material out, so an impromptu trip to Mexico ensues. Much of the episode’s plot (and drama) revolves around this trip, as (of course), man-boy Nick gets to Mexico and decides that they should just never leave. They sneak into a resort and Nick gets caught and put into ‘Mexican jail.’ Jess freaks out and has to rush back to the loft to get Nick’s passport and the help of Schmidt and Winston to bring him back home. But once all the smokes settles, it turns out ‘Mexican jail’ is just Nick sitting in the resort watching Ugly Betty. They make it back across the Mexican border, even with Nick’s shredded passport.

Boyfriend of the year runner-up, Schmidt. Source: ''

Boyfriend of the year runner-up, Schmidt.
Source: ‘’

The other main plot of the episode involved Schmidt having to choose between Cece and Elizabeth. While Jess and Nick in Mexico was entertaining, and helped establish that their relationship could work within the context of the show, Schmidt’s storyline did the opposite. Straight out of a 90’s sitcom, Schmidt can’t decide between Cece and Elizabeth, so he decides to secretly keep dating both of them! Comedy gold! After all that Schmidt has gone through over the course of the series, specifically last year, this seemed a bit out of character for him. Plus, after pining after Cece for so long, it’s still a bit of a stretch that he wouldn’t immediately jump at the chance to have her forever. Hopefully, this storyline will not continue all season. We all know Cece is the endgame so quit making us wait!

Source: ''

Source: ‘’

Surprisingly, my favorite character in the episode was Winston. I’ve generally complained for most of the series that he always seems out of place and like the writers don’t know what to do with him, but his puzzle storyline was genuinely enjoyable. And finding out that he was colorblind was a hilariously perfect twist. ‘Winston, if you think your shoes are brown, what color do you think you are?’ I say more of Winston wearing a hoodie as pants, please!

All in all, it wasn’t the best episode of New Girl ever, but it was a necessary one. The stakes were high to avoid the show falling to the Moonlighting curse, and it seems as if it might just be avoided. The actors and writers proved that they can still let Nick and Jess be their cooky selves, even while dating each other. I am looking forward to the rest of the season to see where all of our loft residents end up.

What did you think? Were you please with how the season premiere was handled? What were your favorite lines? Let me know in the comments!

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