NCIS 13×13 ‘Deja Vu’: Voice-over Galore


Still in the rut that is the middle of a TV season, NCIS seems to be trying its darn-dest to focus on dark storylines and focusing on certain characters to attempt to give them depth. While their attempts are valiant, it doesn’t always work out in every episode. And unfortunately, this week’s episode falls into that category.

NCIS goes back to the norm of a dead body being found by somebody at the start of an episode. This time it’s a few garbage men who find a body in a pile of garbage being dumped in a garbage landfill. The body is that of Seaman Alessandra Ramos who was shot in the head. The initial suspicion is that she was killed because she was going to testify in a murder case against a gang member, but that turns out to be a red-herring. The murder ends up connecting to a human trafficking ring case that Bishop and other NSA members worked on years before when Bishop was just starting there.



While the story of the episode is okay, the way it’s presented is incredibly obnoxious. The episode is told by Bishop, who is writing a letter to President Truman as a journal exercise. It’s clearly an attempt to focus more on Bishop and give her more of the attention in certain episodes, but in this case it comes off as extremely petty and not cute in any way what so ever. Here’s a sample of my notes while watching the episode on Bishop’s narration: “IT ADDS NOTHING TO THE EPISODE, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT IT. IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT YOU, BISHOP. NO ONE CARES (she’s also a horrible writer).”

So yes, I wasn’t too happy with that aspect of the episode. It didn’t seem genuine, or at least it was a very corny way of trying to develop her character and give her depth. Ultimately she gets to save the day and that’s great and everything but she deserves a better storyline than what she’s been getting recently. Unfortunately with the way the episodes have been going this season, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anytime soon.



It may be a Bishop centered episode, but at the beginning the episode tried to center on too many main characters. There’s a chance that it could be a McGee episode at first but obviously it becomes one when Bishop’s insufferable narration continues. Which reminds us that there should be a McGee episode (or another character’s episode) very soon or fans are going to get tired of episodes that are about Bishop since they haven’t been that great.

The episode itself may not be that great (mostly because of Bishop), but the ending of it may have saved it somewhat. Since it’s still winter in NCIS world (and our world, obviously), it’s extremely cold in Washington DC and for one reason or another the heat’s not working in anyone’s apartment. So of course the most logical option is to crash at Gibbs’ place and have a good old fashioned movie night with some hot cocoa. It was a nice reminder of the family that the team really is, despite the bad episodes that they might be in every so often.

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