NCIS 13×12 ‘Sister City: Part 1’: Back to New Orleans


We’re now right smack in the middle of the present NCIS season, so what better time to throw in a crossover episode? It’s safe to say that the dynamic between the original NCIS team and the most recent New Orleans team is more interesting compared to what we’ve seen from the LA team. So a crossover with NCIS: New Orleans is usually welcome, mostly because it ends up shaking things up a bit.

Yet another unconventional start to an NCIS episode. A commercial plane with dead passengers crash lands in a remote part of Virginia. The people on the plane were poisoned en-route supposedly by the caterer on board. But in this case, the caterer on board was supposed to be Abby’s brother, Luca. Luckily the unidentifiable body of the caterer on board is not Luca’s, which leads Abby on a search to find him (and fortunately she does).



To my knowledge, Luca has not made an appearance on the show before (at least in my memory). Seeing more of the Sciuto family is nice, and yet there’s something too childish about their behavior around each other. Yes they are brother and sister so that’s to be expected, but instead of making their relationship interesting the writers just decided to make it annoying and not very productive. It’s understandable to put some focus on Abby, especially since Bishop’s main storyline was extremely disappointing.

This episode is merely a part 1, while part 2 is a NCIS: New Orleans episode (which I will not be reviewing). So no story conclusion will be discussed here, merely the main events and themes that happen in this episode, which may make this review a tad thin. But there are smaller things to touch on that are of some import. Like how kind of wasted the New Orleans team seems to be. Obviously they’re probably more involved in part 2 of the episode, but at first there seems to be no real point to their involvement besides the fact that Abby’s brother has been living in New Orleans for a bit. So far, it just seems like this two-parter only occurred because the writers felt like a crossover episode was long overdue.



A very minor side plot in this episode is the fact that Tony and Zoe have broken up (what a surprise). Zoe only appeared in a few episodes but still seemed like a decent match for Tony. But it’s no shock that the writers didn’t feel like actually making a big deal out of there break-up (making Zoe ultimately pointless). Could also be early preparation for Michael Weatherly’s recently announced departure from the show at the end of the season. Hard to believe that the show’s going to last that long after he leaves. Obviously Mark Harmon is the heart of the show, but you have to agree that imagining the show without snarky Tony DiNozzo is pretty difficult.

Again, the direction the rest of the season is going to go in is not evident quite just yet. Hence the somewhat needless crossover 2-parter, although it’s always nice to see Scott Bakula randomly appear every so often. It’s also a little concerning that Gibbs went back to his old haircut. Obviously not that big of a deal, but it could be seen as a metaphor for Gibbs going back to his old ways, which may be good, but probably not. Also, they have yet to bring back again one of the best supporting characters they’ve had on the show, and that’s Dr. Cyril Taft played by Jon Cryer. I’m convinced that that will be a huge improvement to the show, specifically this season. Heck, I’d be okay with him taking Tony’s place.

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