NCIS 13×09 ‘Day in Court’: “Make him talk to you.”

Day In Court

Another episode that strays a little from the typical formula, and a resolution to an ongoing subplot that is only a little bit satisfactory. At least there’s some improvement. While this week’s NCIS really just provides more questions than answers, it sure gives a lot to talk about, mostly in regards to a main character’s involvement in the rest of the season.

This week’s case involves Navy officer Kyle Friedgen, who is free after being arrested for killing his girlfriend. Instead of staying free, Friedgen goes to NCIS to be arrested, mainly so they can open up their own investigation to truly determine if Friedgen did kill his girlfriend (because of course he insists that he didn’t).



It is another different kind of case for the team, so it’s a shame that it’s not the true main focus of the episode. The real story revolves around Bishop and Jake. After constantly being mentioned for the best five episodes, Jake finally makes an appearance. He and Bishop have a romantic night together, bringing hope that the relationship is back on track. But of course that’s not what ends up happening.

After claiming he has lunch alone where he and Bishop used to, Bishop goes to meet him there and she sees him having lunch with another woman. Bishop thinks Jake might be in trouble since the woman he was with is Internal Affairs. Bishop thinks that he’s being investigated since there have been reports of a leak in the NSA. But nope, Jake turns out to be your run-of-the-mill scumbag who’s cheating on Bishop.

Despite it being somewhat of a surprise (because Jake doesn’t really seem like the cheating type), it ultimately feels like a cop out on the writers part. They just couldn’t come up with anything more compelling for Bishop’s character. And even at the end of the episode she ends up going home to Oklahoma. This is where the questions come in: is she just going to be out of the show for a bit? Are we actually going to see her at home? Is Jake really cheating on her or is he covering something else up (because the way this was rushed leads me to believe that there’s more to this than meets the eye)?



A tad too many questions for what should be a simple solution to a basically needless plot revolving around NCIS‘s most bland main character. It will be interesting to see where exactly the writers will go in next week’s episode and even in the rest of the season. Surely there has to be a overarching plot coming up that will make us forget about Jake and bring Bishop back without any of that baggage. But there seems to be little hope for that.

A plus in this episode is the support that the team shows for Bishop. Gibbs becomes Papa Gibbs as he is apt to do as he listens to Bishop as she talks about Jake. “Make him talk to you” is the advice Gibbs gives. It really is what Bishop should have done all along but at least it finally promises answers. The scene when Jake enters NCIS headquarters is a gutsy and stupid move on his part since he has to know that he’s not going to get any sympathy from Tony, McGee, and Gibbs.

The episode itself is average, but it mainly suffers from shoehorning in the Jake/Bishop storyline that doesn’t really belong in it in the first place. It’s nice to see the team act as a family for Bishop, but that’s really all it provides. The key will be to see how this continues on to the next episode. The cases themselves have been interesting, but they need to stop being paired with these unnecessary subplots.

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