NCIS 13×05 ‘Lockdown’: Abby has a new best friend


Apparently that whole “ask and you shall receive” thing actually works. Continuing character based episodes for its 13th season, NCIS decides to focus on beloved Abby Sciuto this week. While the focus is mainly just on the situation she’s thrown into and how she reacts to it, it’s still nice to see Abby out of the lab and doing what she does best: helping people.

While this week’s episode does start with the discovery of dead navy officer, Jeremy Doublin, found in the back of a wrecked car, it certainly goes in an interesting direction in terms of what the navy officer was up to and was killed for. It comes off as a standard NCIS episode at first: there are your typical comic relief moments that as usual come off a tad forced, but luckily all of that is overshadowed by the okay story.



In determining what happened to the navy officer, Abby discovers something in his system that she links back to a pharmaceutical company. Abby then embarks on a field trip to the company and meets Janice, the company’s lab technician who both share prominent similarities (mainly a Cafe Pow addiction). Their budding friendship is put on hold when the lab falls under attack by the janitor (surprise: he’s not really a janitor) and his team who are attempting to retrieve sensitive content from the company’s servers.

This episode is certainly Abby based, but unfortunately it doesn’t reveal too much about her character that hasn’t been explored before. This episode just reminds viewers that Abby is still important and is very capable, which I doubt that they ever forgot. There definitely needed to be an Abby-centric episode, but it needed to reveal more instead of establishing what we already know. The dynamic between Abby and Janice is interesting, however, and gives Abby someone new to bounce off of. Having Janice being involved in the robbery is an interesting (and predictable) twist, especially since she and Abby are made to be so similar. But it would have been nice for Janice to be an occasional guest star, which I feel like is something the show needs: someone to come in every once in a while to provide some new dynamics to the team instead of it being the same old same old.



Speaking of same old, there’s no other real subplot in this episode apart from Bishop very briefly mentioning her problems with Jake (what a surprise). This constant reminder that Jake is an actual character and that he and Bishop are having issues must mean that this is going to play a part in the overarching plot of the season. Or at least it better because having it be the only means to develop Bishop as a character is becoming extremely tedious. And since it’s brought up so quickly and never surfaces again in the rest of the episode really makes it questionable.

It’s nice to see that the writers have some idea when they have to make episodes revolve around certain characters in order to make them feel relevant again. They did a fantastic job with last week’s episode that successfully re-established Vance as an important character who we actually felt we got to know more. It seems like they tried to do that this week with Abby since she hasn’t had her own episode in a while, but it doesn’t go over as well. While it’s nice to see her at the forefront again, it would have be nice in a more thought out episode.

While we’re still waiting to see what the rest of the season has to offer in terms of story and more character development, it’s clear that the writers are capable of doing a better job than they did last season. Let’s just hope that they can do what they did last episode for fans to have faith that the rest of this season will be worth watching.


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