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Modern Family 6×01 ‘The Long Honeymoon’: A family of fire-starters, poison-eaters, and online prostitutes

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After a long summer hiatus, our favorite family is finally back on air! The last time we saw the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, they were finally celebrating the nuptials of Mitchell and Cameron, and everything was bliss. Three months later, it looks like things have changed – at least for some of them.

This episode pretty much divided the plot between the three separate households, with minimal interaction between the extended families. I’ve always thought that some of the best comedic moments of Modern Family come from exchanges between characters from different households – between Phil and Jay, for example, or between Manny and Cameron. Without that interaction, the show loses some of the unique brand of humor that sets it apart from other shows.

On the other hand, splitting up the plot into households is always a very organized and tidy way to tell a story, and it was a good choice to use in a season opener, because it gave the audience a neat little reintroduction to the different families.

In the Tucker-Pritchett household, Cameron is still trying desperately to keep the newlywed romance alive (hence the title), while Mitchell is ready to let Cupid slumber in peace. This is, of course, a classic relationship problem. There’s always one person who’s more eager and more demonstrative, and this always puts the other into the position of what I like to call the ‘relationship Grinch’. And with Mitchell and Cameron, 90% of the time, the Grinch is Mitchell. Certainly, it fits in with his backstory and personality, but there’s definitely a part of me that wishes the writers had decided to flip the tables and make Cam the Grinch instead.

Nevertheless, Mitchell and Cam’s argument over romance afforded quite a few laughs – Cam angrily blowing out the romantic candles in the bathroom as he argues with Mitchell was definitely a high point of the episode for me. And of course, the situation is finally resolved when Mitchell shows that yes, he does have a romantic side after all! And all’s well that ends well.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Romance is rocky at Jay and Gloria’s as well, as Gloria is upset over Jay’s lack of effort in his appearance. It was a great plotline, with some snappy banter between the two, but the highlight for me will always be what I never thought I would ever see in my life – a sloppy, messy, baggy-clothes-wearing Sofia Vergara. Although of course it only takes her a minute to return back to her usual glamorous self.

Over at the Dunphy household, everything’s coming up roses for Phil, Claire, Luke and Haley – until Alex comes back from building houses for the poor with a serious chip on her shoulder. And of course, everything suddenly starts going wrong. The best dialogue of the night was definitely Haley and Luke’s conversation at the dining table – veering from the usual sibling bickering to sweetly polite and right back over again – as Alex ‘the Bad Luck Charm’ leaves and returns to the house.

At first, Claire and Phil are ready to send Alex right back out of the house. But of course, pretty soon, they see that, along with negativity, Alex also brought back some much-needed common sense, and pretty soon they’re begging her to stay – although not before Haley discovers her webcam has been transmitting every personal thing she does to her video blog, Claire nearly burns the house down with War and Peace, and Luke and Phil nearly poison everyone with rhubarb pie.

Perhaps this wasn’t the strongest or most exciting episode of Modern Family ever, but boy, is it good to see everyone back!

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