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Modern Family 5×24: The Wedding (Part 2)’: A true modern wedding


I was going to blame my pulsating headache for causing me to not laugh at the season finale episode of Modern Family. However, after having watched it twice, once with a headache and once without, I have now come to the conclusion that this episode was not funny. For a comedy, having an unfunny episode is problematic…yet somehow this episode became one of my favorites–kind of.

During the episode –I hate to admit this– I didn’t care about Mitchell and Cam. Heck, I even had more interest in Pepper’s emotional state then I did on the grooms. I cared more about Haley and Mr.Nanny’s future relationship. Mitchell and Cam were getting married and even with all of the apocalyptic tension it was quite obvious from the get-go that at  some time a wedding was going to happen. The real tension then was displaced on to the Haley, will they or wont they, scenario. For now they won’t, but don’t worry they will next season. Duh.

Last week unfortunately was definitely better in the laughs department and although I felt a slight let down I was able to still keep my focus on the show. I didn’t understand the giant build up with Sal, when she was to be shooed off in the first scene and I felt that there should have been less focus on Cams parents. Also, was it just me or was Manny’s zit growing throughout the episode?  That’s not a complaint, just, wow get some Neutrogena on that STAT.

Then eventually when the final moments of the show finally arrived that smile that had been sitting back with the last episode finally showed up and was joined by a couple of friends, tear one and tear two. It was a small, beautiful curtain call for season five. It ended in true Modern Family fashion, cliche monologue with a heart warming montage.

The Wedding (Part 2) will not go in my Modern Family top 10 but I will forever look back on it with fond memories. If this statement of mine seems overly sappy, its most likely because the ending of the episode rubbed off on me. I can see why they wanted two parts to the episode, one for the  laughs and one for the feels. Now let’s raise our glasses in celebration for the next season. Cheers.



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