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Modern Family 5×22 ‘Message Recieved’: Guess who’s uninvited?


We’re almost to the two part finale of season five Modern Family fans! I knew it was going to be a filler episode so I set my standards low, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to this episode, the stage has been set for next week. The biggest revelation of the night was that Jay  does not care for blood sausages.

Jay is not the only one in the family with an unexplainable dislike though. Manny, in case you were wondering, does not care for pickles and Gloria will not rub Stella’s belly because she “has like thirty nipples!” Although they each attempt to overcome their dislikes, all three still cannot enjoy pickles, blood sausages or a dog’s belly.

Meanwhile in the Dunphy house, the family goes through Claire’s reminiscing box where they find Phil’s old answering machine. This is how Haley learns she was conceived after a Duran Duran concert in the back of a car. They kids use this to their advantage by playing a lighthearted joke on their parents.

However, nobody cares about the Dunphy’s in this episode. Thanks for the laughs Dunphy’s but this episode wasn’t really about you. Cam and Mitchell were in the middle of financing their large wedding since everyone is RSVPing. Cam attempts to lower the rising costs of the wedding by pawing a belt buckle given to him by his grandfather. When this plan backfires due to the buckle being a fake Mitchell decides to sell his mint condition Spiderman comic book.

Unfortunately while on the way to sell it the comic book gets drenched causing the couple to make a quick stop to Jay’s house for a blow dryer. Gloria assures them that Jay will help whereupon Jay asks why they are having a large wedding in the first place. This argument has Jay unravel his emotional baggage by admitting that he is still not comfortable with a gay wedding.

There was no sappy Modern Family monologue at the end of the episode, just Mitchell’s voice on the old answering machine. We as an audience know everything will work out, but I know Modern Family has a few tricks up their sleeves. It’s an interesting concept, I think it will help shape Jay and Mitchell’s rocky relationship. Yay character development! It’s one of the many reasons I like Modern Family, the show  not only has the best of times, but the worst of times, like a real family has. Now that the drama has started, it’s time to see what lies ahead for next week. Bring it on.

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