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Modern Family 5×21 ‘Sleeper’: The episode that lived up to it’s name


Is anyone awake after watching this week’s episode of Modern Family? I have a feeling that once the crew got back from shooting the hyped Australia episode, there was one thing on their minds, sleep. I can picture the writers with eye bags that touched the floor whilst sitting around a table clutching their half filled Starbucks coffee at 3:45 a.m. praying that they come up with a concept. They then reach for the nearest computer and do a Google search of “Sleep Disorders” and BAM, narcolepsy comes to the front of their minds.

It’s a shame really. The entire premise of the episode is centered around Phil’s sudden bout of narcolepsy. Do you know what narcolepsy is? If so, do you mind writing a brief letter with the disease’s description and sending it to the writers? Clearly, they don’t know what it is. In their sleep deprived minds narcolepsy is something you get when you’re having a stressful day and is used as a defensive mechanism that simultaneously produces comic relief. To them, it’s easily turned on by “lying” to your wife and turned off by getting closure. It is NOT however,a true biological sleep disorder. Before you say it, yes I know that this is just a show and that I should “lighten up” on the specifics. But, really? Alex’s whole report is on diseases not psychological disorders that float through the breeze and get suddenly whisked away.
I will admit though, I laughed more in this episode then I did in last weeks Australia.

Jay: Quick! What’s the ring around an angels head? Halo!

The Cam and Lilly moments were sharp and any episode that Stella and Jay have a story line is sure to be a delight in my book. The family portrait also tied the episode together, as is the norm with Modern Family. The rest of the show is not really worth mentioning, other than Gloria burnt her pale baby’s face while Mitchell had a Jan Brady “Nobody knows I even exist!” freak out.

Can we also promise to ignore the creepy banter between Luke and Haley?

Luke: Remind me never to date you.
Haley: You wish.
Luke: Please, I could totally get you.
Haley: Like to see you try.

Excuse me, while I go get a broom to sweep that creepy mess under the rug.

I don’t expect every episode of a season to be good. There are times when you just need filler episodes. Some fillers are chock-full of leftover sugary jokes that couldn’t be squeezed in earlier episodes. Others are filled with dry leafy green exposition information to move the story along. This episode meanwhile, contained more of a “blah” substance. I’m not worried about the shows future though. Sure, this season has been rocky but the wedding episodes are coming soon and when they air I’m sure my faith in the show will return. In the meantime, I have to suck it up and enjoy one more filler episode.

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  • Alison

    As someone who has struggled with a recent diagnosis of narcolepsy and the depressing fact that THERE IS NO CURE (despite all the lies I come clean on…), I am beyond furious. Like almost about to boycott, it is NOT “a fun disease”