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Modern Family 5×06 ‘The Help’: The new Manny

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I really wasn’t in the mood for Modern Family last night. I had been sick for the past two days; the guy I’m seeing came over and when my fever started returning, I just wanted to cuddle on the couch and not have to focus on watching a  show.

Surprisingly, this episode was pretty good, or as Pablo put it, “I liked everything except the gay guy stuff” and he has a valid point. The Pepper story felt out of place, over the top and awkward. 

Alex and Haley are arguing more than ever; Haley was supposed to move into the basement but Phil’s dad, Frank, has been staying there after a bad breakup with his girlfriend. Jay suggests they have a guy’s night out in order to get Frank laid. Their night out was a success, Frank does get some action except the action Frank got cost him 500 dollars. While Phil and Frank try to come up with the money to pay the prostitute, Phil tells Claire she’s the therapist he hired to talk to his father.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Gloria has fired 5 nannies because she doesn’t like sharing her house with another women and Manny has a tendency to hit on all of  the nannies. While at the park she encounters Andy (Adam Devine), a Manny (man nanny) and hires him. Jay and Manny are opposed to the idea but Gloria ignores their feelings and hires him on anyway.  When Gloria begins yelling and screaming at Jay and Manny, Andy calms her down in seconds and Jay says, “You’re hired”.

Source: ABC

ource: ABC

Cameron and Mitchell can’t agree on anything when it comes to the wedding. They invite their friend and wedding planner, Pepper (Nathan Lane) over hoping that he will give them some ideas that they can finally agree on. However Pepper is overworked, he’s done 50 gay weddings and he’s losing his touch. His assistant turns out to be the one whose ideas Cam and Mitchell love.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Each of these stories stood on their own and don’t intersect. I really liked that about this episode. It was nice to see each family on their own. The best part about this episode comes during the credits: Lily rolling her eyes and banging her head on the table while Mitchell, Cameron and Pepper argue over wedding plans.

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