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Modern Family 5×04 ‘Farm Strong’: Nothing divine here

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Is it just me, or have all of the shows this season started off with a BANG! (some a 1 hr BANG!) and have slightly fizzled by the 4th episode? Maybe it was the phenomenal Baskin Robins Waffle Cone I had prior to viewing, this thing was divine (as Cameron would say).  It was so delicious I don’t think anything could top it and Modern Family wasn’t even in the “topping it” running. Are 100th episodes supposed to be something special? I’m not being sarcastic here I’d genuinely like to know. I feel as if  every television show that has been advertised as its 100th episode has never been anything spectacular and I think I’ve been living up to this expectation that is a lie. It’s just a number. ….right?

In MF’s 100th, we finally meet another member of Cam’s family:  his older sister Pam. I feel as if there are so many comedic

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

episodes that could be churned out if more of Cam’s family was introduced in the show. Maybe they are saving that  up for the wedding…..  Cameron doesn’t want to spill the wedding beans to Pam because she is sensitive and grumpy when it comes to other people’s happiness and mainly because she doesn’t have any in her life….or so we think. Turns out Pam is engaged to Cameron’s boyhood crush causing Cam’s overly sensitive dramatic side to come out. There is a scene where Cameron picks up a call from Beau and turns and begin’s speaking like rugged manly man, it’s kind of funny but I felt the writer’s were trying too hard.

Jay is convinced Gloria needs glasses and she is avoiding going to the eye doctor at all costs; she doesn’t think glasses will be attractive on her.  At the end of the show she gives in, puts on a pair of glasses and sees Jay for what he “truly” is: “There’s line there and there”. During their interview scene they say that she’ll never be able to see him and he will never be able to hear her, “We’ll be together forever”, it’s quite adorable.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Is it just me or do you want to see more episodes involving the kids? I want sibling rivalry story lines like we had in previous seasons!  I feel like the kids are just an accessory this season for the adults story lines. For instance, Claire and Phil attending Luke’s soccer games; Luke’s present but not really in the show and without Luke and Phil’s over the top stupidity Modern Family just  feels  like every other sitcom.  There are certain things that make shows stand out from the crowd: 2 Broke Girls constantly ripping on American culture, What would New Girl be without Schmidt…? Would Parks and Rec be as excellent as it is by toning down Leslie Knope? I don’t think so.
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Maybe I’m having a pessimistic week, or maybe just maybe Modern Family is hitting it’s mark. I’ve been a firm believer that  once a show finishes it’s third season it’s in for the ultimate test: will it continue to be quality television or dwindle down to nothing like so many good shows have done? It’s still only the beginning of the fifth season but my hopes are kind of low.


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  • Kendra Beltran

    I felt the same about It’s Always Sunny. It was their 100th last night too and I was like, hmm…Charlie pulled it out in the end, but yes — 100 should be grand and something to celebrate!

    • friedhippie

      I had to stop watching It’s Always Sunny. I tried so hard to get through the 7th season but it was terrible. The funniest part of that entire season was when they did the dance at the reunion…was not expecting that and it was marvelous.
      Maybe I’ll give season 8 a try…..