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Modern Family 5×03 ‘Larry’s Wife’: In over their heads

Source: ABC

My favorite episodes of Modern Family are when the writers take our quirky beloved characters, over exaggerate their qualities and incorporate it into their own small story line that ultimately ties everything together at the end; which is exactly what episode 3 “Larry’s Wife” is.

Gloria is scared her family’s curse is making baby Fulgencio violent, Manny is upset that Jay acts on every impulse; lashing out at the world when it’s stupidity comes in contact with them, the Dunphy kids get in over their heads in a poker tournament, Mitchell becomes an obsessive compulsive cleaner when Cameron says he will do all the wedding planning, Cameron unable to tell Lily about her cat’s “death” creates an elaborate lie and Phil becomes a sort of mentor/friend/boyfriend to three divorcee women looking for new homes.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

This episode definitely had some laugh out loud moments: Mitchell stuck in the vents, Claire’s monologue when she steps in and saves Phil. However, I was hoping we could have seen the poker game the Dunphy kids played instead of hearsay, but hey this is only a 30 minute show.

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