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Modern Family 3×24 ‘Baby on Board’: A soap within a sitcom

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me this week, but I thought the Modern Family finale was perfect. I usually don’t have many criticisms about comedies. I mean, dramas just ask for it, they take themselves so seriously! I seriously LOL’ed when I heard the giant fence joke and the return of Dylan(again)! Plus, Julie Bowen is so perfect when she gives her “stress talks.” Not every actress can make her neck veins pop out like that. And in case you haven’t read my post about my last post below, you might not know yet that I have psychic TV powers. Last night I discussed how soapy the Revenge finale could have been, and then a soap pops up in the middle of Modern Family! OK, so Revenge aired after Modern Family, and I wrote the post before I even saw this finale(I had a church meeting, sue me). So maybe I’m not psychic, but I still found it hilarious. ABC did a fabulous job poking fun at Spanish soaps with Ugly Betty, and I’m so glad they did it again last night. Speaking of one show turning into another, I loved how awesomely Alex “Hecked it up” with her prom date(see The Middle if you don’t get it).

Back to the finale of it all. A comedy finale isn’t a good one unless it makes you cry. I teared up watching Jay dance with Lily and I full-on wept with Mitchell and Cam over their new baby woes. As sad as it was, it was good for the story that it didn’t work out this season. They need something to get their side of the family through next season. As for Jay and Gloria’s side, a new baby is perfect, and will create just enough tension with Mitchell and Cam. Then there’s Haley going to college. I think they need to keep Dylan in a few episodes because he is just amazing. I don’t think Haley leaving home will kill the show at all. She’s enough of a ditz that she’ll have some laughable troubles, and come home crying a couple times. How sweet was her mommy moment with Claire earlier this season? I hope we see more of that! This finale definitely set the bar high for other comedic finales I have yet to blog about this week. Until next season, we kiss our favorite family and wave goodbye to them through the car window.

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