Melissa & Joey 4×20 ‘Game Night’: Who knows more?


There are only two more episodes of Melissa & Joey left in the series and they decided that it was a fine time to have a look back at things with a clip show. However, the focus was on the history of the two core couples; Mel and Joe, and Lennox and Zander.

Armed with their own version of the Newlywed Game and Ryder as their impromptu host, Mel and Joe battled Lennox and Zander to a game to see which couple knew more about one another. At first the actual newlyweds were horrendous when it came to getting a match. They even went as far as to try and cheat. What was sad was when a mix-up in Lennox’s mind made Zander think she was still into Marco. Thankfully that was resolved in what felt like two seconds. This wasn’t the time for a serious episode, it was all about fun and nostalgia and it made long time fans remember where the couples were when they first started and who they are today.


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We all knew from the pilot that Mel and Joe were eventually going to end up together. Their chemistry was too on point and the show just put too many hints. Now they’re married and it’s been quite the bumpy ride. It was funny and sweet that they couldn’t pinpoint the moment they fell in love. However, while it was cute – I think that most people know in their heart when they went from liking to loving their partner.

Then there was Lennox and Zander, while they’re young – they’re meant to be. They’re a throwback couple to the days of our grandparents and great grandparents. The days when you met the love of your life in high school, married young and died in one another’s’ arms. I’m a softy and that’s the kind of relationship I love. Anyways, who else connected to Lennox when she wondered why Zander put up with her? I am okay enough to admit that while I can’t stand her most of the time, I am like her in a way – that girlfriend who has a crazy side and I too have asked my boyfriend why he deals with me and his answer is comparable to what Zander said. When you find that perfect one, their crazy isn’t anything that you can’t deal with.

There are two more episodes left and they have a lot to do wrap things up!

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