Melissa & Joey 4×10 ‘Parental Guidance’: “How don’t I know Oprah?”


We’re winding down (I think) to the end of this show’s run. I mean it wasn’t picked up for a fifth season, but I’m in the dark of how many more we have until we say adios to these cast of characters on Melissa & Joey. While we wonder when that’ll be, we saw Lennox find a hero in a professor, Mel freak out over that, and saw what happens when you lie to Joe.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been annoyed with Lennox. I wasn’t so much mad that she was switching her major from government to Sociology, but more so that she was bumming her aunt out and not noticing at all. I mean, I get it though. The only reason I had the major and minor I did was based on two professors I liked, well one I loved and the other was a chick I had one time and never talked to after. Not to say I kept up with the other. It’s still weird to me that college professors didn’t have the memorable impact on me that my high, middle and elementary school ones did. Anyone else feel that way?

Back to the show – who else is like, WTF when it comes to Lennox going off to what Mel refers to as a “crackhouse with a national anthem?” It’s insane and also, that Evita is a stuck up think-they-know-it-all. I can’t stand her and it’s people like her that make me loathe those super educated people who think they’re better than everyone because they went to college.

While Lennox was planning to leave the country, Joe was dealing with Danni and her lies. That girl…I just don’t like her. Plus, this week she tried to play the victim too hard when she got caught up in her tall tales. Also, even though Joe seemed to be happy that she finally called him “dad,” I personally thought it sucked that she said it when she was pissed. What about you?

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