Melissa & Joey 4×02 ‘A Melanie & Josiah Christmas’: Waste of space…

melissa-and-joey-A Melanie-and-Josiah-Christmas-

There’s not a lot that can be said about this episode because as you can tell from the title…I thought it was a waste. It was one of those Christmas tales that tell us the origin of a family heirloom but in reality it was just a recycled episode set in a different time period.

Really though, remember “What Happens in Jersey?” Well that was this episode with period pieces and name changes that weren’t all too different; Melanie and Josiah. Anyways, for those who recall that episode they just stole from – Mel is looking to to marry that one gu but her and Joe obviously have a thing for one another. Then he wins her over.

The differences were that Ryder was MIA most of the time and Mel…I’m sorry, Melanie actually got engaged to the other guy before quickly realizing she could and wanted to be with Joe…Josiah. I’m sorry for making this a short episode but I didn’t feel it was worth the time and effort it probably took to create.

Unlike Mel’s family heirloom, this episode is not something that will be passed along from generation to generation. I would’ve rather they did a cliche Christmas story, something along the lines of well, anything other than what they did here.

I wasn’t really feeling last season and have been let down with both their Halloween and Christmas specials. Ugh, Melissa & Joey, step it up for your January premiere.

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