Melissa & Joey 4×22 ‘Double Happiness’: Fin


Tonight’s the night folks. Melissa & Joey has come to an end and all’s well that ends well. Mel and Joe got their perfect ending, Lennox and Zander in a place I wasn’t expecting but then thought about and figured was obvious and Ryder had no development in his story at all. Now let’s get to this one last time.

Mel is running for congress and like Leslie Knope in one of those episodes I’ve seen of Parks and Recreation in passing – she’s pregnant – with more than one fetus. Mel’s expecting twins and like many women would be in that situation, she’s nervous as hell. Now when Joe said he’d be by her side no matter what, we had to all expect that this show wasn’t going to end with an abortion. That would’ve taken this from a happy-go-lucky comedy to a WTF moment in some TV Guide “Cheers and Jeers” section. Do they still do that? Anyways, we all knew that she’d keep the kids and go on with the election. Does she win? We’ll never know. Most likely she wouldn’t have because the show is cozy in Toledo.


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Now onto Lennox and Zander. They fought more than they made out on the show over the years, but somehow they worked. You need that little spark of bite in your relationship to make it last for as long as they have. Plus, I love young love that works. There’s something romantic about staying in love with someone for decades. Anyways, the two lovers decided that marriage was the next step for them. Do you think they’d last – unlike Mel’s win, I think that their marriage would be a winner.

Then there’s Ryder. He’s been MIA for the better part of a year because of Jurassic World, so his character headed off to the Navy. There was nothing more or less to it. In the end that’s where he was heading.

ABC Family can shock and surprise with their dramas, but when it comes to the shows that make us laugh – they end on a high note and this one is no different. So long and farewell Melissa & Joey.

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