Melissa & Joey 4×21 ‘Be The Bigger Person’: The final countdown!


Next week we say adios to Melissa & Joey and after all these years, it feels like we’re not ending too well. I mean – as far as wrapping things up. Lennox and Zander try living together, while Mel and Joe get the news they’ve sort of been waiting for but forgot about.

Mel is in hot pursuit of her Congress dreams and the path is paved with the idea that Joe is a recovering cocaine addict, healthy meals and calling out trolls online. I was trying to get the stream to start and was left a little confused by the whole addict thing. I do remember Kevin from The Office thinking there was something off about Joe, but it was just whatever to me this time around. Also, is it that scandalous that a person is eating fast food? I’m sure Michelle Obama gives in to a Big Mac every once in awhile. Also, when that dude she called out online ended up being a little person – hilarious.

On the flipside, Lennox convinced her aunt and Joe to let Zander move in. What a mistake. two people can’t possibly share a room like that. Sharing a bedroom is one thing, but they were acting like it was a studio – maybe her room would be considered that in a place like New York City, but there was no way they could both have all their stuff in that space. I often think about the day I start to live with my boyfriend – and all the stuff I have. I can only hope that my boyfriend doesn’t find solace in my brother like Zander did with Ryder. Which, can we all agree that their bromance is adorable?

Then it all came to an end with Mel finding out she is indeed pregnant. So that’s where we’ll pick up next week for the series finale – see you then!

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