Melissa & Joey 4×19 ‘Put a Ring on It’: Gwyneth Paltrow has a big head…


It’s Mel’s birthday and being her first one as a married woman, you’d think her new husband would go above and beyond to make her day insanely special. Instead his gifts just drove her insane. Meanwhile Lennox was weird because she’s too old to still be hanging around her aunt’s house.

Birthdays are a big deal to some people. One of those people is Mel. She loves cake for every meal of the day and has high expectations when it comes to presents. Joe scored on the sweet treat notion, but totally bombed when it came to the gifts. Mel is way better than me. I cannot hide when I’m disappointed by a bad present. I know it’s horrible, but come on – it’s one day a year, get it right. What was Joe thinking when it came to the life hammer? Does Toledo even have bodies of water Mel could crash into? Someone let me know because if not, that was definitely stupid.

On top of the life hammer he got her a ring that was gaudy and just not her style. She was upset that he didn’t “know” her and I agreed. This isn’t just their first birthday as man and wife, they’ve lived together for years before that. You’d think he’d know that the ring would not pass Mel’s test of beauty, BUT then he made it up with the surprise party so it turns out he did know her after all – BUT then why the ugly ring?

So Joe missed with the physical gifts, but definitely hit it on the mark with the party. What do you think? Would you have lied to your partner if they got you something you hated?

Onto Lennox. If you know me you know that I think kids of a certain age need to move out of their parent’s house at some point. She is in community college and can get a job to afford her own place at this point, so why hasn’t she? Plus, if I’d just gotten married, I’d want to spend that newlywed period sans other house occupants.

The clock is winding down for Melissa & Joey. What do you want to happen in the next three weeks?

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