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Melissa & Joey 4×18 ‘Melissa & Joey’s Frozen’: Calabasas…


ABC Family decided that we needed a non-holiday wacky episode of Melissa & Joey. While this show usually tanks with those, this one was actually pretty okay. Those who read these every week are shocked because I’ve been hating on this show for awhile now. Nevertheless, we fast forwarded 100 years into the future and possibly saw what was to come for the end of the series?

We start with Mel and Joe skiing on a trail that has avalance in its name. They end up a victim of one and cue the fast forward – Lennox and Zander are 120-years-old and she cannot give up hope that her aunt will return home one day. Kudos to the makeup department on Zander by the way. Anyways, Mel and Joe do return – frozen. Once they come to, like most people would be, they are surprised to find they are 100 years in the future.

The big thing I liked about this was that Lennox was the polar opposite of who she used to me. Like losing Mel somehow made her lose her rebel spirit. The other thing I liked was the idea of relationships. In 2115 the government chooses your partner and you have to be okay with that. Somehow Lennox and Zander were meant to be, while Mel and Joe were not. What I couldn’t believe was that of all places Calabasas was where the hippies headed to love whoever they wanted.

I really would’ve guessed Lennox and Zander would be together by the time this wraps at the beginning of August. Instead we saw her quickly be won over by Joe’s nephew, Marco. Also, can I just say that if you don’t want to know what happens in the series finale – don’t go to Wikipedia – DON’T.

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