Melissa & Joey 4×17 ‘The Parent Trap’: “Amazing Grace”


Melissa & Joey is one of the most underrated raunchy shows out there. Well, as raunchy as one can be on ABC Family. This week was all about hooking up as Mel and Joe’s parents acted like Zander and Lennox – which was weird because both let feelings get the best of them.

Since Mel couldn’t fathom the fact that Joe’s mom Gloria didn’t have a will, she enlisted the help of her father Russell. It’s hard to say if Gloria was convinced to start planning for the end because instead of talking, the two parents just ended up knocking boots. Some of you were likely as grossed out as Mel, but hey – older folks are as Gloria said, “sexual beings” too man. Anyways, when she doesn’t share the same feelings as Russell, she leaves the senator heartbroken in a pint of ice-cream.


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You’d think that older people could hook up without getting attached, but that’s not the case. It also wasn’t the case for Lennox and Zander. They agree to be friends with benefits to avoid all the mess that comes with being in a relationship. I’m sure you all found it strange that Zander was always finding an excuse to pass up the benefits. He ate the way too big cupcake too fast, he didn’t want their movie time to turn into a date, he had his own date with another girl. Turns out – no surprise – that they both had feelings for one another and hooking up only messed with their heads.

There was an episode of House that once said something along the lines of, sex is a physical act. Meaning that it is definitely possible to hook up without getting attached. That’s why things like Tinder exist. Swipe right for a good time and no commitment. BUT always remember that taking it a step further and developing some sort of feeling, even a tiny one, for that person will transform the physical into a whole other story. That’s what the young duo and Russell couldn’t do. They couldn’t keep their hearts out of their bedroom antics.

Really quick, I just want to shout out Melissa Joan Hart’s dress in the scene when she caught Russell coming out of Gloria’s room. It was such a classy pattern and a great a-line cut. When that show ends, can I have her wardrobe? Crap, they shot the last episode back in February…where are those clothes?

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