Melissa & Joey 4×16 ‘The Early Shift’: “Booty for life…”


Another week, another Melissa & Joey. This time around Joe was working on his career while Lennox was working her magic to make Zander realize his stupid ways. We saw one of these endings coming…

I do recall Joe doing something on local TV some time ago but it’s been a minute so this week was a little unexpected. Maybe since this is the end they’re not paying attention to continuity? Anyways, how many of us could relate to Mel and Joe’s predicament. It’s hard to be two manage your time together when you’re in a relationship. Work always seems to get in the way – damn having to pay bills and rent. Me and my boyfriend have get to spend about two to three hours a night together before we pass out on the couch watching Cupcake Wars and Chopped. We’ll get back to them in a second.


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Now onto Lennox and Zander. She is an evil one, but a genius. What better way to kill Zander’s love for McKenna than to kill of Cassandra? How stupid was he to admit he was only into her character in that one scene? They could’ve worked if it wasn’t for him being an idiot BUT his mistake was Lennox’s luck. I didn’t think they’d hook up again this soon in the season, but it was inevitable. Now where do we go from here? Wouldn’t it be something if Lennox got knocked up even though it’s Mel who wants the baby so badly, then Mel could get pregnant and they could end on a Father of the Bride 2 note…Just a thought.

Now back to Joe. His caffeine-riddle scene with Kevin from The Office was pretty funny, but I think the overall idea of why he quit was more important. I don’t think he should’ve quit just because so few people were watching. You do something for the love of it, not for the audience. Maybe that comes from being a blogger. I write because I love it, not because I want the world to toss compliments my way.

So from here we have Mel and Joe getting more time together and whatever the hell is going on with Lennox and Zander now. Anyone else think she’ll end up with a bun in the oven before her aunt?

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