Melissa & Joey 4×15 ‘The Book Club’: “…penetrating insights…”


This show continues to truck on and I’m not even sure why, but alas Melissa & Joey was on this week and gave us a look at their version of 50 Shades of Grey, and Lennox picked up real fast what we all caught last week.

Mel has a book club and they’re readying an erotic tale. The exciting part – for them – is that the author was going to stop by. She ends up getting turned on by Joe’s negativity towards here, Joe winds up tied up and the author reveals that she’s a fraud and doesn’t even like kinky things. It was a so-so plot that didn’t add much here nor there. It was kind of like, let’s focus on something that was a big deal in recent years and make filler.


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On the flip side, Lennox realized that Zander was only into “Cassandra” because he couldn’t have her. While she tries to play the cool kid, we could obviously see that it bothered her like no other. Which, can you blame her? He was her first love and I think her first well, everything – so what person could stand seeing that person make out with another right in front of them…especially at that age? There’s no denying that she and Zander are going to get back together at some point. He’s too into this alternative version of her, and she’s obviously still into him.

Can we step away from the show and talk about Nick Robinson and his career choice. That kid went from the crush of a few to the crush of millions as he was one of the main characters of Jurassic World. I thought he was just some extra, a bit part – no, this kid was one of the damn stars. I just wanted to point out that I was not a huge fan of that movie. There needed to be more dinosaur action and less human interaction. While I wasn’t a fan of it, I am very excited for Nick and what’s to come for that kid.

He got out of TV land on a huge high note, but let’s hope he makes it back for the series finale – that should be very soon.

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