Melissa & Joey 4×14 ‘You Little Devil’: “…shred my butt!?”


This week on Melissa & Joey it wasn’t the best of times, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. Both storylines had their moments that made me laugh a little, and both offered up some interesting insight on where the show’s going in its last run.

One of Mel’s college ex’s came to town and oh Doug. 7th Heaven fans may have recognized him as who I think was Lucy’s husband. Super fans, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways, once a wild man with the nickname “Diablo,” he’s now a married dad who can’t even finish a cup of coffee. Well, it turns out this dude is the reason behind Mel’s little devil tattoo on her backside. Now with that planted in Joe’s mind – he just can’t do it…literally.


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Having tattoos, I was on Mel’s side on this one. Tattoos are memories for those who have them and shouldn’t bother you if they aren’t on your body. That’s why I’m glad that Joe was able to get over it and they were able to stick a bandaid on the problem and move on. It’s so annoying when people comment on other’s tattoos…like, if it isn’t on you, shut up about it. Unless it’s that older woman who has the Twilight backpiece. We can all say something about that because well, it’s freaking weird.

While Joe was coming to terms with Mel’s ink, Lennox and Zander were dealing with the casting of their Cassandra film. Peppy McKenna got the role and the writers were not happy. We all (likely forgot about this whole student film thing) could see where that whole thing was going in the end when McKenna got the snarky character right and kissed Zander. He wants Lennox back and since he can’t have her, he’ll have this girl playing a version of his ex. That’s not weird at all…

It seems like we’re going to finish out this series focusing on Mel and Joe – obviously, but finally coming to some sort of finalization for Lennox and Zander. Will or won’t they make it?

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