Melissa & Joey 4×13 ‘Call of Duty’: “I want a b-word…”


This is the last run for Melissa & Joey and we’re starting off with some bad news. Well a double dose of bad news; Ryder is leaving and Mel’s not pregnant. My guess is because Nick Robinson is about to have a great year thanks to Jurassic World, and that they’re going to do more with the whole pregnancy thing on the show’s last lap. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the summer premiere of the show.

They played it cool with the pregnancy test being negative and let the core of the episode focus on losing a key player of the team; Ryder. He thinks the universe is sending him a clear message that says to join the Navy, so Joe sets a plan of action to get him to think different. The usual slacker rose above and beyond and really showcased a lot of endurance, both physically and mentally. In the end none of us had to be that surprised when it was time for him to say goodbye to the family – and the show. Will he be back before the end? I think he’ll pop up as the series finale nears, but we’ll be Ryder-less until August. Until then it’ll be all about the b-word.

Mel and Joey aren’t pregnant, but that’s just for now. They agreed to not put pressure on getting knocked up and banned the word “baby” but Mel wasn’t too great at all that. She went on a secret spending spree. Which, could you blame her? Like Joe, we couldn’t be mad at her because when you have baby fever – it’s not getting cured until you have a bun in the oven and it’s baking. My prediction is that Mel will get preggers somewhere around the middle of this last half of season four and they’ll end on a high note of her giving birth. If I’m wrong…well, I’m not sure but that’s my guess and I’m sticking to it.

Anyone else think we’ll get a baby around then, or are some of you hopeful that Mel and Joe will have a baby sooner than later?

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