Melissa & Joey 4×12 ‘You Say You Want an Ovulation’: Boohoo


So…will we see the result of this “to be continued?” I think so. I want to guess that we’ll have one more round this summer and then that’s it for Melissa & Joey. So in what I’m hoping was just a Spring finale and not the series…We had Mel and Joe trying really hard to make a baby, and Ryder not really trying to be an adult.

We’re definitely going to be ending this series with a pregnancy. That’s the only way I’ll have this show go down. So when it came time to find out if they were or weren’t expecting, I was a little peeved that it was over for the time being. However, this show does pretty much give fans what they want and while they made us wait for Mel and Joe to finally hook up and whatnot, they don’t really have much time left to drag out a baby.


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When we come back in the summer (I think), Mel will be with child and Ryder will likely be gone. Oh yes, our favorite character was back for a whole episode and he was a mess. His girl broke up with him so he left AmeriCore. Then he was given the task of making a life plan. Which, I think that is a lot to ask someone who’s not even old enough to drink. I’m almost a couple years away from 30 and I’m not sure what my life plan is yet.

In the end Ryder announces he wants to join the Navy and I think that’s the only route they can take him that makes it believable that he’s MIA from the series. If he goes for good though and we don’t even get the Skype calls…they’re going to have to bring Dani back. Like I’m pretty sure I said last week – we cannot have even a mediocre show with just Mel, Joe and Lennox. They need that fourth character to balance it out. Unless Zander comes back and makes Lennox bearable.

So that’s it for Melissa & Joey for the time being. Anyone else think Mel’s not pregnant and we’re going to be waiting for a negative result?

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