Melissa & Joey 4×11 ‘Gone Girl’: “Pancakes are for killers!”


So another character is out on Melissa & Joey and that leaves me to continue to wonder what the end game is here. How will this all wrap up?! It’s something that keeps me up at night, only not really. Nevertheless, let’s get to the bonding and the falling of of this week’s episode.

Joe made Dani tell her mom, Felicia, about the whole girl’s wine night she had with the popular kids. What made me mad was that she made it seem like she was totally okay with it and then instantly called Joe and tore him a new one. What made me even more upset was the fact that she quit the tour to take Dani back. I thought that was a little drastic. It’s not like Joe called and told her their daughter had gone out and gotten pregnant. In retrospect…things could’ve been WAY worse than drinking some wine. Remember that one Roseanne where the girls were drinking? Okay, back on track…


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Elsewhere Lennox was being her usual annoying self with her even more annoying professor Evita. They were still all about heading to Columbia and the pretentious educator gave her two cents about nail salons and wanted to wage a war. In that she made some very rude comments about Mel and that Lennox think twice about not only heading south with her, but also how much she didn’t want to be like her.

When Felicia went back and said Dani could stay, I thought that meant things were going to back to normal. Then Dani felt bad her mom would be all alone at home and decided to head back with her…For a split second I was like, oh jeez, don’t let Felicia move in. I know TV is all about the “modern family” but this is taking it a bit too far. Alas, Dani left and now we’re here with Mel, Joe and Lennox.

Any guesses on what the dynamic is going to be like now? Here we have newlyweds and a 20-something sharing a house. Could we possibly get a pregnancy sooner than well…never because the show is wrapping up and we’ll never see anything else after this run? I believe Mel will get knocked up within the next couple of weeks or at the very least we’ll have one Skype call with Ryder.

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