Melissa & Joey 4×09 ‘Being There’: “Who needs words when you have emojis?”


One of the most annoying things to me is when you’re with someone and they’re stuck on their phone. It’s somewhere near the top of my pet peeves and this week Melissa & Joey took on this growing epidemic and everyone fell victim.

Joe grows tired of the girls always being connected after Mel thinks a cute cat video is more important than doing the deed – well, when they were already in the middle of it and she checks her phone. So he bets that they can’t stay unplugged the entire weekend – the prize being the confines of swear jar and $200 out of Joe’s pocket.


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Of course no one was able to do it. As much as I hate when people are on their phones, I couldn’t go a day without it. It’s not even the smartest phone on the planet either. It’s like a step above a flip phone and has a touchscreen but is slower than a snail trying to hook up with a turtle. Nevertheless, I may’ve lasted an hour or so, but it’s a habit to look at your phone.

I loved that it was Mel and Dani, and Lennox and Joe that were paired off. Since last week Joe and Dani were together because of their musical bond. So that was a nice shake up. Anyways, I would’ve liked it if Dani would’ve been the nark ASAP because come on – when it’s $200 and some change on the line, you’re going to get pretty cutthroat. Actually, I’m surprised it wasn’t Lennox who manipulated her way to the winner’s circle. She’s usually the one that’s pulling shade over everyone’s eyes.

Besides all that, we had some actual growth in the plot with Joe. He tried his hand at motivational speaking and is now taking on the task of writing a book. Maybe this will motivate me to work on mine – or at least draft it into a script to use for a podcast. Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see where that goes and how far it goes before the show wraps up since we are in its final season.

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