Melissa & Joey 4×08 ‘Face the Music’: “Was that your porn star name?”


Another funny episode too late since this show has been cancelled and these last episodes are time we’ll have to cherish with one another. This week we found out about Joe’s boy band past and Zander had to make the ultimate Sophie’s choice for a boy his age.

We all have junk from our past that would embarrass us if it popped up in front of people. I mean, for me it’s likely poetry from when I was 13 and going through that horrendous over dramatic phase that still happens from time to time. For Joe it was his CD from his days in Joe and Joe. Oh my, for anyone old enough to remember, this was obvious throwback to Joe Lawrence’s actual musical career when he was Joey Lawrence. He even dressed like he did back then with the flannel and whatnot. Oh, ‘90s…we miss you. Well, I do.


Photo Source: ABC Family

Was the song bad? Hey, it was what it was but what did come out that whole thing was learning that Joe was responsible and picked business school over a life on the road, and also a having a musical bond with his daughter. Side note – how are all these child actors able to sing as well? Where are they breeding this beings? Anyways, I was with Joe in the beginning but kind of with Mel. I think you should encourage your children to have dreams – but the second it becomes too much, which for Dani it didn’t, then you pull it back a bit and enforce some reality.

While all that was happening Lennox was forcing Zander to face his own reality with his evil but overtly sexual girlfriend. I get not wanting your boyfriend to hang with his ex but if they had to work together, then I’d let it slide. Okay, other than him picking Lennox over the girlfriend…we’ve always known this show is a little risque but this episode was a bit like, whoa…All the themes during the week for those two like circus and superhero sex night. Again, whoa.

For those who are too young or might have forgotten. Let’s end with Joe’s music video from the ‘90s right here.

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