Melissa & Joey 4×07 ‘Thanks But No Thanks’: “Put it in a basket and leave it at the firestation…”


Guys, I feel like I jinxed Melissa & Joey. Last week I said they were getting better and then it was announced ABC Family was cancelling the show. Well, then…I guess from here on out it’s just about seeing how and if they’ll wrap anything up. This week we lost a character and learned about communication.

The one reason I assume people get married other than the love is the presents. This week Mel and Joe were going through the end of their gifts AKA the bad ones; from a toilet seat that lit up to a larger than life espresso machine. That last one got the newlyweds into a little bit of a fight. We all know what Mel meant when she said to get it outta there, but being hard headed she fought about it the whole episode until the very last moment.

The best part of that whole story was that Rhoda, freaking Rhoda, guest starred as Mel’s Aunt Bunny. I for one was ecstatic. Not only because I spent a lot of late nights in high school watching Mary Tyler Moore reruns, but also because I too have an Aunt Bunny. It was nice to see Rhoda, but I wonder if Aunt Hilda from Sabrina will make an appearance before the end, or even Harvey Kinkle…


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On the other side we had Lennox thinking her and Marco’s communication was amazing. Then she found out that he as moving to Japan with that artist for six months. No couple that age and only a month end should wait that long for one another. If they’re both single when he gets back – then they should pick it back up or at least try but for now they made the right choice in going their separate ways. Unfortunately, unless they time jump, we won’t know if they ever reunite.

Enough of what happened this week. What’s more important is how will the cancellation shape the rest. Are they done filming, will they reshoot to wrap it up? We’ll have to wait and see if Mel can indeed get knocked up and it’s likely we’ll never see Ryder again…

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