Melissa & Joey 4×04 ‘The Day After’: “Hide all the razorblades”


So I finally made an effort to see where Ryder was in reality and he’s a part of Jurassic World. Okay, I guess that’s a good enough excuse to leave me hanging on Melissa & Joey but come back Ryder, come back! I barely had the attention span to care this week as Joe dealt with a double date of lies, and Lennox had dramarama thanks to Zander being back in the picture.

Joe is the typical dad who is very overprotective and when it comes to dating, he’s not about it with Dani. Hell, look how he reacted to finding out about Marco and Lennox, and for long time watchers – remember how he was when he found out Lennox was doing the deed with Zander? It’s just in his nature to protect the ladies in his life. How old is Dani though…I think he was a little out of hand with not allowing her to go out. Parents like that make no sense to me, but then again – my own parents just talked about me staying the night at a boy’s house (I’m 27). My dad was like, OMG…Mom was like, I’d rather not think about it. Bottom line, dad’s are always going to worry.


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How long is Dani going to be a thing though. No offense but I feel like she’s a poor man’s Riley from Girl Meets World over on Disney. She’s got that long brown hair, that big smile but less skills. I miss Ryder. What hashtag campaign can we start to get him back?

Over in Lennox Land, we’re starting to see the actual relationship start between her and Marco. The obvious was that they were not into the same things. He’s a monster truck dude and she’s an artsy gal, but he compromised for her and it worked out in his favor because he became the apprentice to the artist, while Zander was left being the intern. Where do you think this whole triangle is going? I don’t believe you have to end up with someone who mirrors you. No one should date themselves, but at the same time you have to share some interest and maybe that just has to be love – and it seems like Marco genuinely cares for Lennox. So this could possibly be the one – for right now while Zander will always hold the first love card.

Next week I’m hoping Zander’s roommates give him back his razors…

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