Melissa & Joey 4×03 ‘The Honeymooners’: “Six-pack amnesia”


After a dismal Christmas episode we’re back on track with Melissa & Joey and one can only hope the rest of season four is better than most of what we seen last season. This premiere was good, but there was one huge problem – an absence we all notice.

Mel and Joe are finally married and we pick up right where we left off. Her leg is still broken, only her cast has been taken down a notch to allow for more mobility and sexual access. Sadly the newlyweds had to said adios to their honeymoon in Tahiti but Joe pulls some strings and makes Aspen happen. So that’s that…

Who else kind of forgot that Joe’s kid was going to be sticking around? Yeah, not until she ran downstairs really quick did it jog my memory. Here’s where the problem sits heavily…She is clearly trying to replace Ryder. When Mel and Joe are talking about their weekend away, they mention he’s at a friend’s house. How many more times will this happen this season? He was the best character on the show and without him things may turn out grim.


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However, I will say that Lennox wasn’t as annoying as I usually find her. We could all see the security cameras playing a part in Joe finding out about her and Marco’s relationship. That was a back and forth that was cute, but then really…a tiny fire was what made her change her mind completely and allowed her to see him as boyfriend material? Okay…well that was a little corny but whatever. I guess Marco is going to be sticking around and hey, Lennox is right, that boy shirtless – wowsers.

Oh, another problem I’m having with Dani, other than her stealing Ryder’s light, is that I’m not sure what we’re supposed to think of her. Is she a good girl or a bad kid? She’s had a rock n’ roll lifestyle and could be wild, and did want to party BUT quickly shut that off and obeyed Lennox. So now we have two good kids under the roof and a dude named Marco, cool…Not really. Who’s supposed to shake things up?

We’re starting things off on an okay note. I wasn’t extremely mad at the end, but just asking a lot of questions and wondering when and if Ryder will ever be a regular mainstay again.

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