Melissa & Joey 4×01 ‘Witch Came First’: Sabrina the Teenage Mel


They’re saying this is the kick off to season four of Melissa & Joey so that’s how I’m going to mark this Halloween special that was cute for nostalgic reasons but a little too (candy) corny if you ask me. We got a throwback to Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina days but it wasn’t enough.

Joe’s trying to scare the neighborhood kids, Ryder is under a sheet, Lennox is a cat and Aunt Zelda, I mean Dr. Raddler, is spilling witchy secrets to Mel. So the doc tells Mel that she lived in another realm as a teenager and was a witch – this is obviously an ode to Sabrina – and that her memory of all that was wiped clean when they planted her in Toledo. Now she has to defeat the Dark Lord to gain all her powers.

Before she completes that task she turns Lennox into a cat. My huge issue…you know what, we’ll get to that later. I won’t give you the play by play but she defeats him and then chooses to be mortal instead of having her powers.


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Now onto my issues…First off, why the hell haven’t they been able to get Aunt Hilda and Harvey on this show? I’ve seen her on IFC’s Maron and know she’s still working, and he’s in North Hollywood doing music. They have the time, it’s time for a full on reunion. I would’ve loved if both Sabrina aunt’s could’ve been on. That would’ve made it more special. Plus, ever since this show started I’ve been yearning for Harvey to be a love interest for Mel – sadly she’s married to Joe now but still. My second problem was no Salem. When I saw the black cat…I have to admit I internally squealed because I thought that Nick Bakay would be lending his voice to the sassiest feline to ever be on TV.

Despite the ‘90s nostalgia, this wasn’t the best Halloween special. It had its humorous moments like “the Meryl Streep of evil” but nothing that would make me brag about this episode to a friend the next day.

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