Melissa & Joey 3×34 ‘Uninvited’: How unannounced


After that cheap walk down memory lane, Melissa & Joey got back to business – wedding business that is and with some very familiar faces. I really couldn’t focus on what was going on though as my hormones were going gaga over Matthew Lawrence’s presence .

So Joe’s mom comes to town to help the plan the wedding and of course we knew that she was going to clash with the bride-to-be. Mother-in-laws can never get a good light shined on them and we can never expect brides to want to change their plans for anyone. Yes, they’ll change their mind a million times but only because they want to – not because they care what anyone else had to say. Then we got a wrench tossed into that theory when Mel was totally on board with Joe’s brother, Tony, being the photographer.


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It was nice to see Joe’s jealously from years past come out again. Mel wasn’t your lady two years ago, but you still cared soooo much what happened to her; sweet.

Again, this week’s episode was a step up from last week’s but Matthew Lawrence’s pretty physique made it hard to focus, and what a physique it is. Side note: Do you think he’ll be reprising his role as Jack on Girl Meets World? Anyways, back to this show…It was obvious that Tony was going to hit on Mel again. He walked in as sleazy as ever, although his little speech to Joe at dinner was gold – “Guess you’re not the nanny anymore.”

Oh, Lennox (the forever voice of reason) tried to get Ryder to do something with his life. I’m in the same boat with my younger brother  and was on the big sis’ side, until the end. College isn’t for everyone. I have my BA and share a one bedroom apartment and have to write from sun up to sun down to survive. College doesn’t ensure success and Ryder does seem to have a better plan set for himself as the “game master.” Everyone’s idea of succeeding in life is different and once you accept that your path isn’t someone else’s, you’ll be able to accept their life choices with a smile. Now that I’m writing this out – I realize this was the best part of this episode. Sorry wedding and Matt’s bod (although you’ll forever be lovely).

Next week is the big day and after two weeks of eh and okay episodes…this one better be great. Oh, and wouldn’t you have guessed that was the finale? NOPE…

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