Melissa & Joey 3×33 ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’: Filler with memories…


Why did we need an episode that looked back on things? Is this show ending…NOPE, so why was it necessary…We may never know. They likely had an order to fill and then didn’t have enough ideas to an episode filled with flashbacks was created. I only like these when a show is in its last run and the clips aren’t from like two weeks ago…

So Mel and Joe need to meet with the reverend before he agrees to marry them, very John Krasinski/Robin Williams License to Wed. Only there was no John, Robin or long played out fiasco. Instead there were questions that got the couple thinking and oh happy day – we got to see their thoughts AKA flashbacks as we relived why they maybe shouldn’t be married. You know, the constant bickering, the fact that it was far from love at first sight and the revolving door of past partners they had in just the time they’d known one another.


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Of course they did what any sane person would who wanted to get the reverend of their choice – lied. The holy man didn’t get to see what Mel and Joe would change about one another and even got the kids in on the lying game. While they didn’t get the reverend to see their love the way we fans do – they were okay with it and the wedding is still on. I swear if this had caused a wrench to be tossed into the plans, I would’ve been peeved. Like really, the filler episode was the one to keep the wedding bells from ringing?

The only thing this episode was good for was for longtime fans to walk down memory lane. We saw Joe’s various “lengths” of hair, Ryder’s growth spurt and that Lennox was almost always the most eccentrically dressed girl on the block. Um…did anyone else notice how weird their kitchen used to be. Did I miss an episode where they totally remodeled?

So now we’re two weeks away from the end of this season and according to this week’s episode…seven days from the wedding. So we better not get another filler because we need to make our way down the aisle ASAP. Hold up, seven days – where they heck is the dress?

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