Melissa & Joey 3×32 ‘Right Time, Right Place’: Squealing and squealing some more!


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry this week during Melissa & Joey. I really didn’t expect the proposal because I was going off the personality I’ve come to know Joe to have. Plus, I didn’t think we’d move that fast. I guess rounding out the season with a wedding goes hand in hand with that one time Mel had to stand and marry Joe to a foreign bride. Thankfully this time she’ll be in the gown.

We’ll get to the main part of the episode but let’s talk about Ryder and Lennox really quick. He couldn’t manage to find a job and she told him to tweak his resume with little white lies. The interaction between the two of them was of course brightened by Ryder’s one liners like “…bunnies’ tails do grow back right?” His time with the landline was also hilarious and sad because it made me feel way too old.


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The obvious excitement was the shocking marriage proposal that some (me) may’ve not seen coming. After Mel’s wedding plans fall through due to a secret family and instead of losing the dream venue – Mel suggests she and Joe take it. Yeah, they’d have 30 days until the big day but what’s the big deal if they’re in love? I don’t know if I could’ve even said yes. Yeah, they’ve been around one another for years but they’ve been dating for months. I thought we were over that and were going to move on until Ryder mentioned Joe in the jewelry store.

I was as frustrated as Mel during that dinner with Joe. Oh my lord, every time you though the ring was going to come out – NOPE. Once it was said and done I was sore from laughing, I was in tears at the actual proposal.

The fact that he wanted to do it in front of the kids made my heart swell with happiness. Which, why would your reaction be any different? He’s raised them just as long as Mel and it’s cute what a little modern family they’ve become. Now the real question…will they make it to the alter? I may think it’s a bit fast, but it was so damn cute and made me tear up that I’ll let it pass.

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