Melissa & Joey 3×32 “At Last”: “Gonna vow your brains out”


This has been the most drawn out wedding ever…it got to the point where I didn’t even care about it and was glad it ended like it did – nothing fancy, just to the point. While we were waiting for the “I dos” to happen, Mel and Joe got a new house guest and Lennox got stuck in between two guys.

Usually I can write these right after they air, but I wasn’t motivated to do so last night and so I’m sitting here the next morning typing as fast as I can to share these thoughts. So let’s go and start with the smaller of the two – Lennox and her triangle of love…infatuation. I was surprised when Marco didn’t take the bait after she threw herself at him in a desperate attempt to get back at Zander by sleeping with someone else. He recognized that was child’s play and anyone who uses that tactic is an idiot – so kudos Marco for putting a stop to that. I mean, they did end up eventually doing the deed and that didn’t end up so well.


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How sweet was it of Zander to show up at the hospital to bring Mel a get well gift basket? He’s the obvious choice for Lennox and it’s clear she’ll pick him since Marco went and got too crazy. Really, you’re going to leave your life in Jersey? If he was that into her – why did it take the wedding to get him out to Ohio to see her? Next season we’ll either have him still around for a minute or a quick mention of how he was insane and eventually moved back east. I hope it’s the latter.

Now onto Joe and his new found daughter. I called it…I said that they’d wind up adding this kid to the mix. He’s agreed to let Dani/Danny/Danni (too lazy to Google) stick around for six months while her mo heads out on tour. My biggest problem with that? Even though that’s her biological father, if I were the mom I’d want a little more info on who he was today. I haven’t seen him in 14 years, I don’t know how he’ll be with the kid I’ve been raising.

I wasn’t so bummed when Dani overheard them talking about her. It was worse what grandma said about Ryder and Lennox right in front of them. Yes, having to take care of them was weird for Mel at first – but those are basically her kids now, so hush Jersey ma. Now the question is like Marco, will we see a lot or a little of Dani come next season. Either six months are going to have passed, we’ll pick up where we left off OR she’ll be there the whole season. I’m actually not sure which option I want to see played out here.

Well that’s it. We’ll see you next season!

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