Melissa & Joey 3×30 ‘More Than Roommates’: Nona’s last seat


This was the first time in a long time that three stories got to actually play out without anyone really getting the short end of the stick. Mel and Joe had their chair situation, feelings were brewing between Lennox and Zander, and Ryder got more action and a song.

When Nona’s chair arrived and they brought up the whole “there’s a photographer coming oh my god what will we do with the ugly chair” thing I immediately thought we were going to do an I Love Lucy homage, only it was going to be Joe who would rough up the house to make a point. Instead they fought about it, Mel had a visit from ghost Nona and they ended up finding $10 grant in the cushion. I was okay with how out of the ordinary that was, but I wasn’t okay with how they immediately decided to spend it…well, how they suggested it. I thought Mel was going to advise Joe put it towards his business.


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Then there was Lennox and Zander. You know I only tolerate her when he’s around, so she was fine this week and I really need those two to get back together. You’d think Ryder would be like, hey sis…Zander was spitting out some really creepy, kind of obsessed with you lines the other day. I’d like to say they’ll be together by the end of the season, but I’m not sure how long this season’s going to last…it looks like the end of May, so if that’s the case – they’ll definitely be together by the end.

I said no one got the short end of the stick and I meant that. Ryder didn’t just walk through scenes this week when other things were going on and he had an actual story in the mix. Plus his “major” in…what the hell was it, psycho-zoology – that was priceless. It made me laugh almost as hard as Joe screaming about Mel choking on his duck. No, I didn’t spell that wrong – this show had a dirty mind.

That was really all that went on, and again…what the hell is going to happen to that money? It didn’t look like they were going to talk about it next week, so who knows what’s going to come of it or when they’ll circle back around to it. Speaking of, next week there’s a pregnancy test in the house and we’re not sure who the hell it belongs to. Any guesses on whose it is?

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